One Piece Chapter 1084: Robin's Awakening Creates Chaos on Egghead Island
One Piece Chapter 1084: Robin's Awakening Creates Chaos on Egghead Island

One Piece Chapter 1084: Robin’s Awakening Creates Chaos on Egghead Island

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The latest chapter of One Piece brings us back to Egghead Island, where a fierce battle between the World Government and the Straw Hat Pirates is taking place. The World Government has brought in a massive fleet to surround the island and take down the Pirates. However, things take a surprising turn when Robin’s Awakening is revealed.

The leader of the World Government, Gorosei, is shocked to see a multitude of giant demon-like creatures appear on the island. He questions Kizaru, who explains that it is actually Robin’s Awakening. Brook had saved Robin from a previous attack, but when she attempted to stand, a loudspeaker in Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory played Gorosei’s voice, commanding all agents to eradicate Ohara. This triggers a traumatic response in Robin, reminding her of her dark past where she had to flee from place to place as a youngster and the loss of her mother and everything else on Ohara. It causes Robin to transform into her Awakening state.

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Awakening Robin turns into a beautiful, demonic creature. Without hesitation, she attacks the Navy soldiers near her, even using Gigan Titante Fleur, a powerful jutsu that creates multiple massive bodies similar to Naruto’s kagebunshin technique. While the Straw Hat Pirates are trying to escape and avoid her attacks, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji stay behind to protect Robin as she unleashes her wrath on the Navy.

Chapter 1084 ends with Egghead Island and the Gorosei’s crew being left in shambles due to the power of Robin’s Awakening.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only, and there is no intention to alter the storyline of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

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