One Piece Chapter 1081: The Return of Tenryuubito and Kuma's Loyalty
One Piece Chapter 1081: The Return of Tenryuubito and Kuma's Loyalty

One Piece Chapter 1081: The Return of Tenryuubito and Kuma’s Loyalty

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1081, Tenryuubito made a comeback to the story. The spoiler revealed that one of the Tenryuubito, Saint Roswald, was seen strolling around Marijoa’s park with his slave. To everyone’s surprise, the slave turned out to be Bartolomeo Kuma, who was previously seen trying to climb the Red Line cliff.

In this chapter, Kuma showed his loyalty to Tenryuubito by serving him as his master. It is revealed that Kuma was designed by Vegapunk to serve Tenryuubito as part of his mission. Besides that, Kuma also asked Vegapunk to design himself to protect Luffy, the Straw Hat crew, and Bonney’s child.

Speaking of Bonney, there is speculation that Kuma might appear in the next arc to save Bonney’s life. However, that might be difficult to happen as Kuma had promised Gorosei not to harm Bonney, who is his daughter.

In addition to Kuma’s loyalty, the chapter also highlighted the state of Kamabakka Kingdom, where the situation is getting heated up. Recent news has forced the Revolution Army to re-strategize as the two strongest social forces, Garp and Shanks, showcased their strength. There is a rumor that Dragon is getting ready to go to Marijoa because Kuma, who is the founder of the Revolution Army, was treated inhumanely.
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To sum it up, One Piece Chapter 1081 brought back the character of Tenryuubito and shed some light on Kuma’s loyalty to his master. The chapter also hinted towards some future events that might occur in the upcoming arcs. However, the fans of One Piece will have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

Disclaimer: This article is written solely for entertainment purposes, and there is no intention to alter the original storyline of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

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