One Piece Chapter 1079: Captain Eustass Kid badly beaten by Shanks
One Piece Chapter 1079: Captain Eustass Kid badly beaten by Shanks

One Piece Chapter 1079: Captain Eustass Kid badly beaten by Shanks

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The latest chapter of the One Piece manga series features the intense battle between Captain Eustass Kid and Shanks. In the previous chapter, York betrayed and shot Shaka in front of Vegapunk. However, in this chapter, the story takes us to Elbaf Island where the main fight happens.

At the island, Kid faces off against the captain of Shanks’ pirate fleet while Shanks is on the nearby beach. Lucky Roux advises Shanks to stay put while they handle the situation, but Shanks doesn’t underestimate the young Kid, who has a bounty of 3 billion.

Before the battle begins, Shanks asks Yasopp to check if Kid has fully recovered from his injuries sustained during their previous fight. Kid then creates a large railgun, but Shanks dodges and counters with an Epic attack using his advanced observation haki, similar to the one used by Gol D Roger against Kozuki Oden in the past.

Kid’s attack on Shanks was actually a vision of the future, which Shanks had the ability to see due to his advanced observation haki. Benn Beckman, Shanks’ right-hand man, recognizes Shanks’ ability and asks if he has seen something in the future.
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Shanks jumps aboard Kid’s ship and takes them down with ease using his technique, Divine Departure. Kid and Killer are defeated with a single blow, and Shanks takes all the road Poneglyph copies that they have.

As Kid and his crew sink into the sea, Dorry and Brogy advise Shanks to be careful with his actions, warning him that he will receive the same fate if he causes trouble in their homeland.

The One Piece chapter 1079 release schedule revealed that the chapter would be released every weekend, with the expected release date being March 26, 2023. However, the chapter is already available on various online platforms, including and Manga Plus.

To conclude, One Piece fans can expect an action-packed chapter with intense battles and intriguing plot twists. The clash between Kid and Shanks will undoubtedly leave fans on the edge of their seats.

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