One Piece Bounty System: Inside the Cross Guild's Rewarding Bounty System
One Piece Bounty System: Inside the Cross Guild's Rewarding Bounty System

One Piece Bounty System: Inside the Cross Guild’s Rewarding Bounty System

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Are you curious about the bounty system of the Cross Guild in One Piece? In chapter 1080 of the manga, Eiichiro Oda exposed this system, revealing its benefits for pirates. The Cross Guild bounty system rewards pirates for capturing marines, dead or alive, with millions of berries. Let’s take a closer look at the Cross Guild and their bounty system.

Firstly, what is the Cross Guild? It is a group of pirates originally created by former Shichibukai, Crocodile, and Dracule Mihawk, with the objective of hunting down marines. It was first introduced in chapter 1056 and is famously known for its leader, Buggy the Clown, although it is a technical error, as he was accidentally chosen as the leader due to his photo being in the middle of the posters between Mihawk and Crocodile. As a result, people assume that Mihawk and Crocodile are Buggy’s subordinates.

Now, let’s talk about the Cross Guild’s bounty system. What makes it unique is that it rewards pirates for capturing marines, in contrast to the traditional bounty system that rewards marines for capturing pirates. This system encourages pirates to hunt down marines and provides them with a high monetary reward for doing so. Pirates can turn in captured marines to the Cross Guild and receive their reward, giving them an incentive to continue doing so.

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The Cross Guild’s bounty system benefits both the pirates and the guild. Pirates receive a significant amount of money for turning in marines, and the guild gains an upper hand on their enemies, the marines. The Cross Guild can gather intelligence on the marines through the captured marines, and potentially use them as leverage in the future.

In conclusion, the Cross Guild bounty system is a unique and beneficial system for pirates in the One Piece world. Its reward system encourages piracy and provides a high monetary incentive for capturing marines. Moreover, it enables the guild to gain an advantage over their enemies, the marines. No wonder why pirates are drawn to the Cross Guild and its bounty system.

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