One Piece 1086: The Destruction of Egghead Island and the Introduction of Buster Call
One Piece 1086: The Destruction of Egghead Island and the Introduction of Buster Call

One Piece 1086: The Destruction of Egghead Island and the Introduction of Buster Call

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One Piece 1086: The Destruction of Egghead Island and the Introduction of Buster Call

The government of the world has succeeded in destroying the Vegapunk research thanks to the long-awaited destruction of the Egghead Island by the Buster Call shot. The arrival of the navy under the command of Admiral Kizaru, led directly by Gorosei Saturn, proved destructive for Egghead Island in One Piece 1086. Eiichiro Oda claims that Egghead Island is the eighth victim of the terrifying weapon Buster Call with Ohara and Enies Lobby previously removed from the One Piece universe. It wasn’t a coincidence that Gorosei Saturn took Kizaru to Egghead Island because the admiral is one of the characters in One Piece who can activate Buster Call. Eiichiro Oda packaged the Egghead Island Arc with great precision because according to him, this Arc will be the beginning of the Final Saga of One Piece.

In this Arc, Oda Sensei even portrays the struggle of Monkey D Luffy who is pressed because of the chaos in Egghead Island. In the leaked One Piece 1086, Oda will also introduce Yonkou Kurohige, as seen on the last page of chapter 1079 which shows the Jolly Roger Blackbeard in the waters of Egghead Island. There is no official confirmation yet about Kurohige’s goal for coming to Egghead Island, but it is certain that the target of the powerful Yonkou is Luffy. Moreover, even Shanks in Elbaf is predicted to go to Egghead Island to target Kurohige. In One Piece 1079, Shanks is seen receiving position information of Kurohige who is not in Beehive.

Back to Buster Call, it’s clear that only a few characters can activate it due to the danger and high power of this weapon. Who has the authority to activate Buster Call? Firstly, there are three Admirals, namely Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu. They are the three leading Admirals when facing various security problems. Surely, the three Admirals will not use the card as Buster Call directly if the situation does not force them to.
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Sakazuki, also known as Akainu, as the highest leader of the navy, has the authority to use Buster Call if the situation is dire. Sakazuki himself is considering using Buster Call after hearing the news that there is a potential big battle between the Straw Hat pirates and the Kaido and Big Mom alliance in the Wano region. Besides the navy, other parties who have the right to decide on a Buster Call are the world government. The first person who can decide on it is the fleet admiral Kong. Although Sakazuki is at the top of the navy hierarchy, there are still other higher authorities like Kong, who is the fleet admiral. If Kong feels that Buster Call is needed, he can easily command the fleet to move to a region. Part of the World Government that can make a call for Buster Call is also Gorosei, or the five elder stars. They control this world and have the highest authority to order an attack on a dangerous pirate group or region. However, as strong as they are, the Buster Call will rarely be used for defending oneself or asking for help.

With the Egghead Island Arc in front of us, it’s worth waiting to see the moment of the launch of Buster Call. One Piece fans can only hope that their favorite characters can come out of this Arc unscathed and continue their journey.

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