One Piece 1085: The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari Lili as Luffy's Mother
One Piece 1085: The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari Lili as Luffy's Mother

One Piece 1085: The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari Lili as Luffy’s Mother

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In One Piece 1085, fans were in for a huge surprise when it was revealed that Nefertari Lili, who was believed to be dead, is actually alive. But what’s even more shocking is that Nefertari Lili is actually the mother of the main character, Monkey D Luffy.

Eiichiro Oda himself confirmed that Luffy’s mother is still alive and will soon be introduced in the main storyline of One Piece, not just through flashbacks. According to sources close to Oda, One Piece 1085 will reveal that Nefertari Lili is Luffy’s mother.

But how did Nefertari Lili manage to live for over 800 years? Eiichiro Oda has already provided some clues, as Monkey D Dragon has a lot of information about the World Government and the Void Century. As Dragon’s wife, Nefertari Lili would have shared valuable information about the government, including the existence of Im Sama and the Holy Knight.

In fact, Nefertari Lili is the third character to be revealed as having lived for over 800 years, with Im Sama and Kozuki Toki being the other two. While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s believed that Im Sama’s immortality is due to the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, which grants eternal life. As for Kozuki Toki, she ate the Toki Toki no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows her to travel through time.
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According to leaks from One Piece 1085, Nefertari Lili also ate a Devil Fruit that allows her to travel through time, similar to Kozuki Toki. However, Nefertari Lili’s fruit allows her to travel 30 years into the future, compared to Toki’s 20-year limit.

It’s said that Nefertari Lili went to Wano to seal Pluton before heading to Marijoa, where she ate the Time-Traveling Devil Fruit. After leaving Marijoa and returning to Alabasta, she was attacked by Im Sama’s subordinates but managed to use her power to escape death.

Overall, One Piece 1085 has dropped a major bombshell by revealing that Nefertari Lili is Luffy’s mother and shedding some light on how she managed to live for so long. Fans can’t wait to see how this revelation will impact the rest of the series.

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