One Piece 1085: The Mysterious Story of Shanks’ Family Revealed
One Piece 1085: The Mysterious Story of Shanks’ Family Revealed

One Piece 1085: The Mysterious Story of Shanks’ Family Revealed

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One Piece 1085 is set to bring some surprises for the fans of the manga series. One of the biggest mysteries in the story revolves around the enigmatic character of Akagami no Shanks. The latest development reveals that Shanks is keeping his past hidden because of the great sin that his family had committed. The relation between Shanks and the Holy Knight has been a hot topic among the fans, with many speculating him to be the twin brother of the leader. However, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, has never revealed the true origin of Shanks, leaving fans to decode clues from the story.

According to the hints dropped so far, it seems like Shanks is part of an important family of Tenryuubito, which had close ties with the World Government over eight centuries ago. This is the reason why Shanks is so determined to fight the World Government and everything they represent. However, despite his dislike for the Government, many fans doubt if he is truly on Luffy’s side, owing to his unclear background.

Moreover, a silhouette of the Holy Knight leader indicates a striking resemblance to Shanks, leading some to theorize that there might be two Shanks present in the story – a clone or a brother. This speculation is further strengthened by the theme of cloning that Oda has introduced with Seraphim and Pacifista. This theory is also supported by the confirmation by Shirohige, who claimed that he had fought with someone who looked like Shanks and dealt him a severe injury.

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Shanks indeed holds many crucial pieces of information that could change the course of events in the One Piece world, but he chooses to hide it because of his family’s past and their links to the World Government. He is embarrassed by the cruelty and bloodshed the Government caused while coming into being. Therefore, he has made it his mission to bring balance to the world using his own method, opposed to the World Government’s oppressive ways. Despite all this, Oda has kept Shanks’ family origin under wraps until One Piece 1085.

In conclusion, the story of Shanks’ family is undoubtedly intriguing, giving fans much to speculate and ponder over. With Oda’s unique storytelling style, nothing can be said conclusively. The reveal of the true identity of the Holy Knight leader will be a defining moment for Shanks and will undoubtedly enthrall all One Piece fans.

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