One Piece 1085 Spoiler Reveals the Shocking Identity of Queen Labasta
One Piece 1085 Spoiler Reveals the Shocking Identity of Queen Labasta

One Piece 1085 Spoiler Reveals the Shocking Identity of Queen Labasta

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One Piece fans are buzzing with excitement after One Piece 1085 Spoiler was released. The spoiler reveals the identity of Queen Labasta, who has been a mystery in the series for a long time. The spoilers indicate that Queen Labasta is, in fact, Nefertari D Lily, a member of the D clan, who has been blamed for the events that happened 800 years ago.

The 1085 Spoiler hints at how Nefertari D Lily is responsible for the Poneglyph being scattered throughout the world. What’s more, the identity of the D clan that Nefertari D Lily belongs to is a major plot point in the series.

However, the revelation of the identity of Nefertari D Lily leads to tragic consequences for King Cobra, who is attacked by Im Sama after revealing her identity. The Raw scans of One Piece 1085 Spoiler show how Cobra is attacked by Im Sama and the Five Elder Stars, leading to his death. This tragic event leaves fans wondering what the future holds for the rest of the series.

According to the spoilers, it is also revealed that both Joy Boy Lord of Ancient Kingdom and Im Sama Queen of Sea have a connection with Nefertari D Lily. The spoilers suggest that the scattered Poneglyph is part of a deliberate plan rather than a mistake committed by Lily on that fateful day.

The spoiler also reveals that the story of One Piece revolves around the meaning of the letter “D” that appears in the names of several pivotal characters, like Ace, Luffy, and now Nefertari D Lily. The appearance of the letter “D” is a significant moment in the series and means more than just a letter of the alphabet.

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In the Raw One Piece 1085 Spoiler, Sabo, who was hiding, emerges from behind a pillar and attempts to attack Im Sama to save Cobra. Unfortunately, Im Sama transforms into a giant monster and engulfs Sabo in flames, leading to his apparent death.

The 1085 Spoiler also features glimpses of other characters like Vivi, who is taken captive by CP0. The spoilers also suggest that Fujitora, one of the Admirals of the Navy, attempts to help the slaves escape.

The One Piece 1085 Spoiler offers a look into the future of the series. The plot points revealed in the spoiler make it clear that the story has become more extensive in scope and scale than ever before. It’s sure to leave fans wanting more from the next chapter of One Piece.

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