One Piece 1085 Predictions: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?
One Piece 1085 Predictions: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?

One Piece 1085 Predictions: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?

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In the latest One Piece 1085 manga, the identity of the person responsible for the murder of Nefertari Cobra has finally been revealed. The chapter before One Piece 1085 showed Sabo meeting Bonney before parting ways. According to various sources, the upcoming One Piece chapter will depict Imu speaking with Cobra and revealing Lily’s fate.

One Piece 1085 will focus on Cobra’s death, which will eventually involve Sabo. The previous chapter, One Piece 1084, showed how Sabo and Bonney decided to separate. At the same time, King Cobra asked the Five Elders about the fate of his ancestor Lily, one of the founders of the World Government.

Rumors have been circulating about a major plot twist regarding Nefertari Cobra’s death in the upcoming One Piece 1085 chapter. Shanks has been mentioned as the possible culprit of the murder. Before that, the leader of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra, was shown to have died unjustly. It is unknown who killed Cobra, but there is speculation that it was Shanks. The newspaper Morgan previously mentioned that Sabo was responsible for the murder. However, the mystery behind Nefertari Cobra’s murder remains unsolved.

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Sabo himself has admitted that he was not responsible for taking Cobra’s life. He arrived just as Cobra lay dying, and this moment was used to frame Sabo for the murder. Until now, the identity of the person who killed Nefertari Cobra has remained a mystery.

One Piece 1085 is scheduled for release on Sunday, June 4, 2023, and can be read on platforms like Manga Plus and Komikcast. Manga Plus is a platform for reading Shueisha comic releases for fans outside of Japan. The platform can be accessed via its website and on Android and IOS apps.

In summary, One Piece 1085 may reveal the answers to the mystery surrounding Nefertari Cobra’s death. With its unpredictability and captivating storylines, it’s no wonder that One Piece is one of the most popular manga series of all time.

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