One Piece 1085: Can Mihawk Defeat King? Analysis and Prediction
One Piece 1085: Can Mihawk Defeat King? Analysis and Prediction

One Piece 1085: Can Mihawk Defeat King? Analysis and Prediction

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Teras our site – Fans of One Piece have witnessed the sheer power of Kaido’s right-hand man, King, in the latest chapter, One Piece 1085. As evident from the available facts, King is nearly impossible to defeat, much like his captain, Kaido. This fact was established through the epic fight between Zoro and King in the Wano Kuni Arc. But, what would happen if Zoro’s mentor, Mihawk, fought King instead? Would Mihawk be victorious or easily defeated? Read on to find out in our analysis of One Piece 1085.

Until One Piece 1085, King was known to be the most challenging opponent Zoro had ever encountered in a one-on-one fight, with both fighters shedding blood. This is due to the synergized power of the Lunaria Race and the Devil Fruit Zoan. Additionally, King’s fiery back makes him nearly invincible. Only after several strikes from Awakening Enma and the Haoshoku Haki attack, was Zoro finally able to defeat King. Despite the win, if the fight had lasted any longer, Zoro would have reached his limit.

But what about Mihawk? As per the Vivre Card Data Book, Mihawk always fights tougher enemies, and he has continued this trend until no one matches his level. His rivalry with Shanks is legendary, but shortly after Roger’s death, Mihawk became a Shichibukai, making it difficult for just anyone to challenge him. However, Oda provided a glimpse of Mihawk’s true strength by introducing Yoru, the black sword that proves his insane power level. Though not a Yonkou, Mihawk is considered the strongest swordsman in One Piece, with his bounty surpassing even Luffy’s, and he could defeat any Yonkou, if he chose to.

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Considering Oda’s provided facts in One Piece 1085, it is unlikely that King can defeat Mihawk. Mihawk’s Haki level is at par with Shanks, which makes him virtually unbeatable. Kaido once said that Haki is everything in the world of One Piece, and given Mihawk’s Haki strength, King’s defense would surely fail against Mihawk’s sword strikes, coated in his incredible Haki.

In conclusion, Mihawk’s incredible strength and swordsmanship skills make him a formidable opponent against King. Therefore, it is highly likely that Mihawk would emerge victorious if he fought King in One Piece’s Wano Kuni arc.

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