One Piece 1084 Spoiler: The Mystery of Nefertari Cobra’s Death Unveiled
One Piece 1084 Spoiler: The Mystery of Nefertari Cobra’s Death Unveiled

One Piece 1084 Spoiler: The Mystery of Nefertari Cobra’s Death Unveiled

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Writing content for One Piece fans is always a challenge, and the latest spoiler for One Piece 1084 is going to blow their minds. The chapter unveils the mystery surrounding the death of Nefertari Cobra and why the Gorosei may have been involved. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of One Piece 1084 and try to unravel the twists and turns of the plot.

In the new chapter, we continue with Sabo and the Revolutionary Army flashback scene in Mariejoa. As previously shown in Chapter 823, Nefertari Cobra wanted to discuss the Poneglyph with the Gorosei. After meeting Nico Robin in Alabasta, Nefertari became intrigued by the stone Poneglyph and wanted clarification from the Gorosei.

However, the Five Elders are opposed to any information regarding the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century, including the Poneglyphs that contain messages from the Ancient Kingdom. In the past, Professor Clover and the scholars of Ohara were eliminated by the World Government for studying the Poneglyph. Later, Dr. Vegapunk continued the research of the Ohara scholars in secret, and his actions were eventually discovered by the Gorosei, making him the next target for elimination.

So, what might have happened when Nefertari Cobra brought up the Poneglyph to the Gorosei? It’s easy to imagine he would have been killed on the spot, just like that. In Chapter 1084, we see Nefertari enter the Pangea Castle room to meet the Gorosei. Shortly afterward, the Alabasta king is found with blood all over his body, lying on the floor.
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The real question is, what exactly was discussed between Nefertari Cobra and the Gorosei, leading to his assassination? The upcoming chapter will hopefully reveal more important details.

To summarize, One Piece 1084 spoilers suggest that Nefertari Cobra might have met an untimely demise because he wanted to inquire about the Poneglyph from the Gorosei. Since the Five Elders wanted to keep all information about the Ancient Kingdom and Void Century under wraps, Nefertari’s request to shed light on the matter was a threat they couldn’t take.

The next chapter of One Piece is going to be fascinating for fans looking to solve the mystery behind Nefertari Cobra’s death. It remains to see how much more story One Piece 1084 will have to offer. Stay tuned for the latest update on this intriguing story!

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