One Piece 1084 Spoiler: Shanks and the Secret Connection to Holy Knight
One Piece 1084 Spoiler: Shanks and the Secret Connection to Holy Knight

One Piece 1084 Spoiler: Shanks and the Secret Connection to Holy Knight

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The latest spoiler for One Piece chapter 1084 has revealed a new fact about the Holy Knight army. In the spoiler, it has been unveiled that all of the members are, in fact, a group of pirates affiliated with the infamous Akagami no Shanks. The question is: how can the Shanks Pirates be part of the Holy Knight army? Here is the detailed explanation of the One Piece 1084 spoiler.

Previously, Eiichiro Oda introduced a new set of characters called the Holy Knight. They are a special unit within the World Government, whose movements are monitored by Dragon. According to Dragon, the real battle will only begin once the Holy Knight starts to act. Many fans were left wondering who the Holy Knight members are and if they are new or old characters with secret ties to the World Government.

Based on their silhouettes, many people believe that the Holy Knight members, including the one standing in the center of the group with a sword, resemble Shanks and the rest of his crew. They share similar poses, and there are a total of nine members in each group as well.

However, new clues have surfaced to shed light on this matter. Firstly, it was revealed that Shanks can easily visit and converse with the Gorosei in Mariejoa. This is a remarkable feat for a pirate to be roaming freely on the World Government’s sacred land without being accosted. Furthermore, the Gorosei allowed Shanks to speak with them, indicating that he has a special relationship with them. There might be an agreement between the two parties, specifying their rights and obligations that must be fulfilled.
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These claims are supported by the fact that Shanks was not prosecuted for stealing the Devil Fruit Nika from CP9 agent Who’s Who. This action should have warranted a severe punishment because Nika’s Devil Fruit is the foundation of Joy Boy’s power, which was a significant problem for the World Government 800 years ago. It is odd that the World Government did not pursue Shanks for this grave offense, unless, of course, they had a secret agreement.

Therefore, it is quite possible that the Akagami pirates are members of the Holy Knight because of this special arrangement between them and the World Government. It is intriguing to see how this plotline will develop further in the coming One Piece 1084 chapters, set to be released soon.

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