One Piece 1084: Pasukan Revolusi and Dragon's Mission to Save Vegapunk
One Piece 1084: Pasukan Revolusi and Dragon's Mission to Save Vegapunk

One Piece 1084: Pasukan Revolusi and Dragon’s Mission to Save Vegapunk

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In the upcoming One Piece 1084 chapter, titled “Pasukan Revolusi and Dragon’s Mission to Save Vegapunk,” the situation at Egghead is becoming increasingly tense. The arrival of the Revolutionary Army will undoubtedly provide additional strength to Luffy’s side, allowing him to safely escape from Egghead Island. This is because Dragon has a special mission that is why he brought Sabo and his team to Egghead in One Piece 1084.

Their mission is to secure the life of Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist who is currently being targeted by Gorosei. Before the situation at Egghead got heated, Vegapunk contacted Dragon and expressed his concerns that he might die soon, making Monkey D Dragon worried. Unfortunately, Dragon couldn’t act at that time since he was still waiting for news from Sabo, who was said to have disappeared after they caused trouble at the Reverie. In addition, Bartholomew Kuma was badly in need of medical care after being saved from Marijoa.

Now that Sabo is safe, and the Revolutionary Army’s mission in Marijoa has been reported as a success, Dragon is already planning the next steps. His next move is to secure the life of Vegapunk, whose knowledge is essential to the Revolutionary Army. Furthermore, Luffy’s position is currently under siege by both Seraphim and Gorosei, who will soon arrive at Egghead.

As someone who has witnessed the power of the buster call at Ohara, Dragon is fully aware of what the attack could do. Sabo, who knows how desperate Luffy’s situation is, will force Dragon to hurry to Egghead. As a brother, Sabo doesn’t want what happened to Ace to happen to Luffy while he is powerless. Additionally, if the Revolutionary Army were to participate in defeating the Gorosei, it would be a significant blow to the World Government. This would make the World Government take the Revolutionary Army more seriously, especially since Dragon has declared that the real war against the World Government has already begun.
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It is highly likely that fans will see the Revolutionary Army’s arrival after Luffy’s side starts to become heavily outnumbered in One Piece 1084. Sabo will likely arrive first and assist Luffy in facing Gorosei Saturn, followed by Dragon standing in front of the Revolutionary Army’s ship, making Admiral Kizaru look worried.

One intriguing aspect is how Luffy will react when he meets his father, Dragon, face to face for the first time, assuming this scenario happens in One Piece 1084.

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