One Piece 1083 - The Death of Yonkou Kurohige and Monkey D Garp's Resignation
One Piece 1083 - The Death of Yonkou Kurohige and Monkey D Garp's Resignation

One Piece 1083 – The Death of Yonkou Kurohige and Monkey D Garp’s Resignation

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In One Piece 1083, the shocking news of the death of Yonkou Kurohige and the decision of Monkey D Garp to resign from the Angkatan Laut emerged. According to Oda sensei’s spoiler, Yonkou Kurohige lost his life after being attacked by Garp and SWORD, leading to the resignation of Luffy’s grandfather from Angkatan Laut. This battle royale in One Piece finally happened, Garp vs Kurohige, while Ten Titanic Captain vs Bogard and 3 members of SWORD. However, Kurohige lost the fight against Garp, who was more experienced in combat, despite awakening his devil fruit power.

SWORD sabotaged Kurohige’s ship, Saber of Xebec, on their way to the harbor. As a result, Kurohige had no other choice but to fight Garp and the Marines, but he ultimately lost the battle against them. Although he managed to fight back initially, with the help of Bogard and SWORD, Kurohige had to face the 1 vs 5 fight, which led to his death. His body was chopped into pieces by Bogard’s invisible sword technique, and he breathed his last breath in One Piece 1083.

The death of Yonkou Kurohige was good news for Luffy and Shanks, who considered him a rival in the search for the Gol D Roger treasure. At this time, it is unclear who has taken possession of Kurohige’s Road Poneglyph after his demise, but based on the theory, it is likely that Aokiji Kuzan might have it. Aokiji gave a legendary devil fruit to Koby and may give the Road Poneglyph to either Shanks or Garp for Luffy’s quest.

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In conclusion, the One Piece 1083 chapter was full of thrilling events, including Monkey D Garp’s resignation from the Angkatan Laut, the death of Yonkou Kurohige, the Battle Royale, and the possibility of the Road Poneglyph’s new owner. The battle was intense, and Bogard’s invisible sword technique was a remarkable highlight of the chapter, leading to the downfall of Yonkou Kurohige. Nevertheless, it was an exciting adventure for the fans and left us eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
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