One Piece 1083 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate Revealed!
One Piece 1083 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate Revealed!

One Piece 1083 Spoiler: Luffy’s Fate Revealed!

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The latest spoiler of One Piece 1083 has left fans shocked about Luffy’s fate. The spoiler reveals that Luffy will experience a terrible fate in the upcoming episode. Many fans speculate that Luffy will be captured by Gorosei Saturn. Is it true that Luffy has been captured by Gorosei Saturn and taken to Im Sama at Marijoa? Let’s take a look at the latest spoiler One Piece 1083.

According to the latest spoiler One Piece 1083, Pulau Egghead is in chaos, and the promised Battle Royale is about to happen. Gorosei Saturn and the Marines are getting closer to the island. Gorosei Saturn, Kizaru, and the Marine troops have already come down to launch a buster call attack and capture Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Pirates.

The latest spoiler One Piece 1083 reveals that Gorosei Saturn has the power to control time and can reach Pulau Egghead in just a few minutes. Fans are curious if Gorosei Saturn will fight with the Straw Hat Pirates on One Piece 1083. If Gorosei Saturn fights alongside Kizaru and the Marines, the Straw Hat Pirates will most likely lose.

The spoiler One Piece 1083 mentions that Luffy is the last person to fight with Gorosei Saturn. However, Gorosei Saturn’s strength is far superior to Luffy, even though he has the power of Nika. Although Luffy succeeds in opening the way for the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunk to escape, Gorosei Saturn captures Luffy easily and takes him to Marijoa to give him to Im Sama.

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The Straw Hat Pirates immediately plan to rescue Luffy from Gorosei Saturn. The latest One Piece 1083 spoiler confirms that fans will be shocked by the upcoming episode. Will the Straw Hat Pirates save Luffy from Gorosei Saturn? Or will One Piece 1083 be the last meeting between Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, shattering his hope of finding the One Piece treasure?

Now, fans need to wait for the release of One Piece 1083 in a few weeks to know the truth. Stay tuned!

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