One Piece 1081: Garp's Legendary Strength and the Impending Battle Against Kurohige's Crew
One Piece 1081: Garp's Legendary Strength and the Impending Battle Against Kurohige's Crew

One Piece 1081: Garp’s Legendary Strength and the Impending Battle Against Kurohige’s Crew

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One Piece fans are eagerly awaiting the release of One Piece 1081 and wondering what will happen in the upcoming chapter. Especially after a one-week break, the anticipation among fans has heightened even further. To add to the excitement, it has been revealed that One Piece 1081 will be followed by another one-week break. Despite the recent series hiatus, readers still remember Garp’s attack with Galaxy Impact.

Garp’s attack displayed an incredible destructive power, obliterating Hachinosu city with just one shot. The ability to destroy the pirate crew Rocks, which was the strongest at that time together with Roger’s, is not to be taken lightly even in old age. Shanks has just shown his power in 1079, but Garp is also said to be ‘very strong’. However, he has not been depicted in a serious fight yet.

As we enter the final chapter, one trend that explains the maximum strength in One Piece is the battle between Garp and the pirate crew Rocks in Hachinosu. The God’s Valley incident happened 38 years ago and became a legendary event that destroyed the pirate crew Rocks by Garp and Roger. Hachinosu is likely to be destroyed like God’s Valley.

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Kurohige Teach himself is theorized to be closely related to Rocks in the lineage. Rocks’ real name is Rocks D Xebec, and Kurohige’s ship is named Xebec. There is no way they are not related to each other, so Garp’s attack on Kurohige’s stronghold has greater significance than in the past. However, there is also a possibility that Kurohige is not on the island right now, as a ship has appeared near Egghead.

Will Kurohige’s crew members be able to defeat SWORD members, including Garp? Kurohige’s crew is strong enough, and this will be an exciting battle. Luffy’s arrival to save Coby, while the captain himself can’t be used as a bargaining chip by Kurohige against the World Government, suggests that Coby will be saved, and it is possible that Hachinosu will be destroyed.

These are the predictions for One Piece 1081. What do you think about it? Stay tuned to Patriot our site for more information.

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