One Piece 1078 Spoiler: York's Betrayal and Sanji's Brutality in the Fight Against S-Shark
One Piece 1078 Spoiler: York's Betrayal and Sanji's Brutality in the Fight Against S-Shark

One Piece 1078 Spoiler: York’s Betrayal and Sanji’s Brutality in the Fight Against S-Shark

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The latest One Piece 1078 manga spoiler has revealed some intriguing details about York’s betrayal and Sanji’s brutal fight against S-Shark. The spoiler suggests that Sanji and S-Shark will continue their fight, and Nami will carry Edison while Brook goes to find Vegapunk. Meanwhile, Luffy and his team struggle to put out the fire on Egghead Island, and they face several challenges, including S-Hawk’s disappearance and Cipher Pol’s investigation into the Void Century.

According to the spoilers, a mysterious person contacts Mary Geoise and tells them that Vegapunk is studying the Void Century. The government sends Cipher Pol agents to investigate, but they disappear on their way back. Vegapunk is later found unconscious and helpless, and one of the members of Gorosei decides to go there with Kizaru’s forces as a precaution. However, it is revealed that York is the traitor on the island who caused chaos and even killed Shaka.

On the other hand, Sanji fights S-Shark with all his might, but the latter doesn’t seem to be hurt by his attacks. However, Sanji does not give up and lets S-Shark hit him, only to emerge unscathed. He attributes his resilience to “love power,” which confuses his opponent. Nami carries Edison, and Brook leaves to find Vegapunk, but the fight continues between Sanji and S-Shark.

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In conclusion, the One Piece 1078 manga spoiler promises to be an adventurous and action-packed chapter. As the story progresses, we can hope to uncover more about Vegapunk’s research and Cipher Pol’s investigation. Additionally, the readers might also get to know more about the traitor on Egghead Island and how Luffy’s team plans to tackle him. Stay tuned for the exciting release of One Piece 1078!

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