Nurturing the Mother-Daughter Bond: A Review of the Film Susah Sinyal
Nurturing the Mother-Daughter Bond: A Review of the Film Susah Sinyal

Nurturing the Mother-Daughter Bond: A Review of the Film Susah Sinyal

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When it comes to the complexities of motherhood and the challenges of bridging the generation gap, the film Susah Sinyal (2017) offers a heartfelt and thought-provoking perspective. Directed by Ernest Prakasa, this film tells the story of Adinia Wirasti, a busy working mother, and her daughter, Aurora Ribero, as they embark on a journey to improve their strained relationship. With a rating of 7.1/10 on IMDb and attracting two million viewers in just three weeks, Susah Sinyal has captivated audiences with its unique approach and meaningful message.

The plot revolves around Ellen (played by Adinia Wirasti) and her struggle to connect with her daughter, Kiara (played by Aurora Ribero), following the death of her mother. Ellen, a single mother, reflects on her decision to marry early and grapples with the challenges of balancing work and parenthood. While Kiara is close to her grandmother, she feels distant from her mother and struggles to understand her ways.

In an attempt to repair their relationship, Ellen plans a vacation to Sumba, a beautiful Indonesian island. This vacation serves as a turning point for both the characters as they face new challenges and learn to understand and appreciate each other. The film beautifully portrays the complexities of modern motherhood and the importance of the bond between a mother and child.

Susah Sinyal may have a lighthearted tone, but it carries a profound message about the significance of family relationships. The film resonates with single mothers in particular, shedding light on their struggles in a contemporary urban setting. It serves as a reminder to audiences about the importance of bonding and connection in a fast-paced modern world.

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What sets Susah Sinyal apart from other comedy films is its ability to deliver a unique and heartfelt story. The film goes beyond the surface level comedic elements and dives into the depths of the mother-daughter relationship. By exploring the challenges of being a single parent and the difficulties of bridging the generation gap, the film offers a fresh and meaningful perspective on the theme.

In conclusion, Susah Sinyal (2017) is not just a comedy film; it is a heartwarming journey of a mother and daughter towards understanding and love. Through the characters of Ellen and Kiara, the film highlights the importance of nurturing and strengthening the bond between a mother and child. It emphasizes the need for understanding, communication, and empathy in building a healthy and loving relationship. Susah Sinyal is a must-watch for anyone who values the complexities and joys of motherhood and the power of family relationships.

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