New and Returning Hit Anime Shows Coming to Netflix This December
New and Returning Hit Anime Shows Coming to Netflix This December

New and Returning Hit Anime Shows Coming to Netflix This December

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Get ready for the exciting new anime offerings from Netflix this December! The streaming giant has a lineup of shows that will surely thrill fans. Here are six anime series returning in December, with some being fan favorites, so you won’t want to miss them.

1. Parasyte: The Maxim – December 1

Based on the Parasyte manga series, this 2014 anime appeals to the horror genre lovers with its violence and gore. The series tells the story of an invasion by parasitic aliens on Earth who infect humans by entering their brains. While most people succumb to the parasites, teenager Shinichi Izumi manages to stop the creature from entering his brain, and it then resides in his hand. Shinichi and his parasite partner must now work together to fight their comrades and protect themselves.

2. Nana – December 1

Nana is a romantic josei anime series that will resonate with mature audiences. The series revolves around two women named Nana, who are both 20 years old. They move to Tokyo from their hometowns, hoping to fulfil their desires and dreams. The story portrays their daily lives and experiences and the bond between the two women.

3. Lookism – December 8

Lookism is an anime adaptation of the popular manhwa series on WEBTOON. The anime follows a high school student named Park Hyeong-suk, who is bullied for his appearance and weight. He later moves to Seoul and discovers his incredible talent for transformation. He can transform from an unattractive person to a good-looking man overnight, providing him with new opportunities and possibilities.

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4. Dragon Age: Absolution – December 9

Dragon Age: Absolution is based on the popular Dragon Age video game franchise. It depicts the failure of a group’s plan to steal the powerful Circulum Infinitus artifact, which awakens the strongest man in Tenviter. The series also introduces several new characters, inspired by mythical creatures.

5. Naruto Shippuden – December 12

Naruto Shippuden, the iconic and famous anime series, returns with season 19 from the 21-season run. Naruto Uzumaki comes back to his village after two years of intense training and must now face the Akatsuki organization, a group of evil ninjas who threaten the village.

6. Seven Deadly Sins – December 20

This action-packed and visually stunning anime series tells the story of the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of dangerous knights disbanded years ago. The series follows their journey to reunite and confront their nemesis.


There you have it, the six anime series coming to Netflix in December. If you’re a fan of horror, romance, action, or mythical creatures, these anime shows have got you covered. Make sure to mark your calendars for these new and returning hit anime shows on Netflix.

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