Naruto's Perfect Jutsu: 4 Techniques that Surpass Their Creators
Naruto's Perfect Jutsu: 4 Techniques that Surpass Their Creators

Naruto’s Perfect Jutsu: 4 Techniques that Surpass Their Creators

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When it comes to mastering jutsu, Naruto has undoubtedly surpassed his predecessors. Throughout his journey to become Hokage, he has perfected techniques that were once incomplete or unattainable for his mentors. Here are four jutsu that Naruto has improved upon and surpassed their creators:

1. Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a technique created by Tobirama Senju that allows the user to create a clone of themselves by dividing their chakra with the clone. Naruto has taken this technique a step further by using its variation, Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which is classified as a Kinjutsu or forbidden jutsu even before he became a Genin. In the fourth shinobi world war, Tobirama revealed its limitations, but Naruto was able to create thousands of shadow clones simultaneously.

2. Fuuton Rasenshuriken

Fuuton Rasenshuriken is basically an advanced version of the Rasengan technique created by Minato Namikaze. Initially, Minato planned to combine chakra transformation and his natural affinity for wind, but he died before he could complete it. Jiraiya and Kakashi similarly were unsuccessful in replicating the technique. But Naruto created the Fuuton Rasenshuriken by combining chakra transformation with his wind element, making him the first person ever to do so. The technique is classified as a forbidden technique and is even more destructive than the Rasengan.

3. Sage Mode or Senjutsu

Sage Mode or Senjutsu is a form that enhances a ninja’s chakra by combining it with natural energy. Jiraiya and Minato mastered Senjutsu from Mount Myōboku, but Naruto surpassed them. Jiraiya’s Senjutsu was not perfect, and he suffered some physical transformations like turning into a toad in this mode. He also required the help of Fukasaku and Shima to overcome some of the weaknesses of his Senjutsu. In Minato’s case, Senjutsu was not his fighting style, so he never trained on it. Naruto’s Senjutsu is more refined, and he can combine it with the chakra of his bijuu.
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4. Biju Mode

Before Naruto, Mito Uzumaki and Kushina Uzumaki were the only Jinchuriki for Kyubi, but they could not control its power. Naruto is unique because he is the only Jinchuriki who can befriend and control the Kyubi, enabling him to access his Kurama mode. During the fourth shinobi world war, Naruto gained the trust of all bijuu, giving him access to the chakra of all nine of them. Naruto even gains chakra granted by Hagoromo Otsutsuki as a Reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki. With this power, Naruto can combine all his chakra, including sage mode, chakra of the nine bijuu and chakra from the Reincarnation of Indra, to enter the Six Paths Sage Mode. In his final showdown with Sasuke, Naruto transformed into the Ashura Kurama Mode after Kurama collected large amounts of senjutsu chakra. This mode helped Naruto defeat Sasuke’s Indra Susanoo mode, which was the strongest mode Sasuke had.

5. Various Rasengan Variants

Just like the Fuuton Rasenshuriken, Naruto has developed several variations of Rasengan. He even combines Sage Mode, Chakra Bijuu, and Rasengan to form an even stronger Rasengan.

In conclusion, Naruto has become the master of many jutsu throughout his journey. He has refined techniques inherited from his ancestors and created many new ones. Without a doubt, Naruto has surpassed his predecessors, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of shinobi.

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