Naruto ANBU: The Elite Special Forces
Naruto ANBU: The Elite Special Forces

Naruto ANBU: The Elite Special Forces

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The Naruto anime features the ANBU, a special ops unit responsible for intelligence gathering and enemy elimination. The ANBU military police branch is further divided into two factions – the ANBU Root led by Denzo, known for its militaristic approach and cruelty, and the Hokage’s bodyguards, who are in charge of protecting the Hokage. Famous Konoha characters, such as Sasuke Itachi, Hatake Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai, have served in the ANBU.

Denzo and the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi were rival leaders, and their methods of managing the ANBU differed. Denzo was notorious for being ruthless and inflexible, whereas Hiruzen prioritized negotiation and peace. Nevertheless, Hiruzen granted Denzo the authority to run ANBU Root while he refrained from interfering. Unfortunately, Denzo often abused this power. For instance, he ordered Itachi, the then ANBU captain, to slaughter the Uchiha clan when they plotted against the Hokage. He also ordered Yamato to kill Hatake Kakashi, who had defected to Sarutobi’s side. Furthermore, Denzo caused trouble in the Hidden Rain village, leading to the Akatsuki tragedy and Nagato’s embrace of the dark side. Lastly, he instructed Sai to monitor Naruto and negotiate with Orochimaru. Denzo disappeared when Pain attacked Konoha to fulfill his ambition of becoming Hokage.

When Hatake Kakashi was invited to join the ANBU, his rival Guy also wanted to enlist. Guy approached Denzo, but he bluntly refused, claiming that Guy did not meet the ANBU requirements. According to Denzo, Guy lacked the “aura of darkness” that Kakashi possessed due to his experiences with the loss of Uchiha Obito and the killing of his teammate Nohara Rin.

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When Konoha was destroyed and Tsunade went into a coma due to Pain’s attack, Denzo was set to become the next Hokage. However, before he could earn the title officially, he was killed by Sasuke, seeking revenge for the Uchiha clan’s tragedy.

After Denzo’s death, Sai took over the ANBU and reorganized the unit. The ANBU still appears in the Boruto anime, but they do not feature as frequently as they did in Naruto. This is because the ANBU’s operations have changed from emphasizing negotiations to a more modern approach to law enforcement. The world of shinobi has entered a new era in the Boruto anime, and it is not only the ANBU but also the entire ninja world that has evolved.

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