My Sassy Princess (2022) Synopsis: A Story of Complicated Love
My Sassy Princess (2022) Synopsis: A Story of Complicated Love

My Sassy Princess (2022) Synopsis: A Story of Complicated Love

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My Sassy Princess (2022) is a Chinese drama that has gained immense popularity among viewers worldwide. Directed by Zhu Shao Jie, this drama is based on a famous web novel by Yi Ren Kui Kui. Starring Yuan Bing Yan, Zheng Ye Cheng, Merxat, and Zhang Yue, the drama’s plot revolves around the complicated love story of Princess Liu Ling and Commander Shen Yan.


Princess Liu Ling is a noble princess who is not happy living with her father and his concubines. Her mother died under mysterious circumstances, leaving her heartbroken. She is rebellious and constantly breaks the rules. Liu Ling shares a hostile relationship with the concubines, and they often threaten each other.

One day, Liu Ling meets Commander Shen Yan, the Guardian of Golden Scales, in a bar. Shen Yan is cold and harsh towards her, but Liu Ling immediately falls for him. Despite the dangerous situation, the Princess puts everything on the line to be near him. However, after surviving a treacherous attack by their enemies, Liu Ling becomes angry with Shen Yan.

Their relationship is further complicated when Liu Ling’s father arranges a marriage for her. To annul the engagement, Liu Ling participates in an archery competition, but the family of her intended husband plays dirty politics, creating more hurdles for the young couple.

Liu Ling is also struggling to come to terms with the mysterious death of her mother, which makes her dilemma even more challenging. Shen Yan has to fight against the Lu family, who are playing dirty politics. On top of that, the Crown Prince does not support him, making things significantly more demanding.

Will Liu Ling and Shen Yan’s love survive the numerous challenges they face? Watch My Sassy Princess (2022) to discover their fate!

My Sassy Princess (2022) has a compelling plot, but it fails to live up to its full potential. The character development is inadequate, and the plot is sometimes unclear and unfocused. Unlike most Chinese dramas of its genre, My Sassy Princess fails to offer a consistent and well-planned storyline.

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Although the drama has a few plot twists that keep things interesting, they are not sufficient to justify the whole series’s confusing atmosphere. The characters’ emotions and reactions towards certain events are often misplaced, leaving the audience with more questions than answers.

Despite its weaknesses, the series also has a few noteworthy strengths, such as the chemistry between the actors and the on-screen romantic chemistry between the leads. Yuan Bing Yan and Zheng Ye Cheng’s performances are outstanding, and they effectively portray the complicated nature of their relationship.

The production quality of My Sassy Princess (2022) is top-notch, with breathtaking cinematography, exceptional set design, and beautiful costumes. The soundtrack is engaging and fitting for the drama’s romantic theme.

The drama has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. While some praised the fantastic performances of the leads and enjoyed the romantic theme, others criticized the weak character development and the unsteady plot.


My Sassy Princess (2022) is a Chinese drama that has gathered a massive following because of its complicated and intriguing premise. However, despite its strengths, the series fails to live up to its full potential because of weak character development and unfocused storytelling. Nevertheless, the excellent production quality, engaging on-screen performances, and unusual romantic angle make it worth a watch.

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