My Dress-Up Darling - A Story of A Boy's Encounter With Cosplay
My Dress-Up Darling - A Story of A Boy's Encounter With Cosplay

My Dress-Up Darling – A Story of A Boy’s Encounter With Cosplay

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Wakana Gojo is a teenage boy who is a skilled dollmaker in the serial anime RomCom My Dress-Up Darling. He was a shy boy who spent most of his time creating Hinamatsuri dolls. However, his life took a sudden turn when he met Kitagawa Marin, a popular and beautiful teenage girl from his school. Marin’s presence in Gojo’s life accidentally dragged him into the world of cosplay.

Gojo had never imagined that he would be able to make a cosplay costume, let alone have a close relationship with Marin. His life was different from ordinary teenage boys, and it was difficult even to be friends with someone like Marin. But destiny brought them together accidentally, and they eventually became friends.

When Marin asked Gojo to help her make a cosplay costume, Gojo was uncertain if he was capable of doing it. In the process of making Marin’s first cosplay costume, he even cried and nearly gave up. But then he remembered Marin’s face, which was filled with hope for him. When Gojo told Marin that her costume was complete, he saw her face light up, and his weariness was paid off. Gojo accompanied Marin until the cosplay event was held.

At the event, they caught the attention of another female cosplayer named Inui, who had many followers on her social media account. Inui later came to Gojo’s house and asked him to make her cosplay costume.

If Marin was Gojo’s first client, Inui was his second client in the world of cosplay. When Gojo and Inui met, Inui brought her twin sister, Shinju, who had been taking Inui’s photos for her social media account.

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When Marin’s second costume and Inui’s costume were ready, they had a photoshoot with their cosplay costumes. Shinju was supposed to take the pictures, but unfortunately, an incident happened, and they had to find another photographer. Shinju came to the studio, apologized, and finally had the chance to talk to Gojo.

Gojo asked Shinju if she ever wanted to be a cosplayer like her sister. Shinju reluctantly admitted it, and Gojo said he could help her. Thus, it can be said that Shinju was Gojo’s third client in the world of cosplay after Marin and Inui. After this, especially when photos of Marin and Inui wearing their cosplay costumes spread, Gojo would undoubtedly receive more offers to make cosplay costumes.

In conclusion, the anime My Dress-Up Darling tells a unique story of a boy’s encounter with cosplay. Gojo’s journey and interaction with different characters in the world of cosplay made the anime an exciting and unpredictable watch for the audience. The passion and dedication of each character towards cosplay were portrayed beautifully in this anime, making it a must-watch for anime and cosplay enthusiasts.

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