Monkey D Garp Becomes a Pirate and Tops One Piece's Highest Bounty List!
Monkey D Garp Becomes a Pirate and Tops One Piece's Highest Bounty List!

Monkey D Garp Becomes a Pirate and Tops One Piece’s Highest Bounty List!

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In an unexpected turn of events in One Piece 1082, Monkey D Garp surprisingly defeats Kurohige and decides to become a pirate. This decision causes chaos and even leads to the death of Yonkou Kurohige and makes Garp unable to maintain his position in the Navy. According to the leaked information, Garp finally leaves the Navy and becomes a pirate. The biggest question is whether Garp will become a Yonkou, given the fact that Garp has just left the Navy and become a pirate.

Although Garp may not be appointed as Yonkou, the fact that the Navy is giving attention to Garp’s decision to become a pirate cannot be overlooked. Garp is even immediately awarded a bounty of 5.7 billion Belly, exceeding the bounty of Gol D. Roger, who is only priced at 5.5648 billion Belly, as stated in One Piece chapter 957. This places Garp at the top of the list as the highest bounty pirate in the One Piece universe. But this high bounty price is reasonable, given Garp’s experience, achievements, and former position in the Navy. The government recognizes that Garp knows the secrets, weaknesses, and strategies of the Navy, coupled with his remarkable fighting skills.

The possibility of Garp joining Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates is slim. Garp is an experienced sailor who does not want to spoil his grandson. He believes that Luffy should not depend on him too much, as that could hinder Luffy’s growth. Hence, it is unlikely for Garp to join Luffy after he becomes a pirate.

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Speculations suggest that Garp will most likely decide to become an independent pirate captain, with members of SWORD being his potential crew. It is supported by Aokiji’s statement to Kurohige in One Piece chapter 1080 about SWORD’s presence in the Navy. According to Aokiji, SWORD comprises members of the Navy that do not follow the Navy’s rules and regulations. They are a group of resigned Navy members who have not yet been approved by the Navy, which enables them to move freely in opposition to the Yonkou. Thus, Garp’s newly formed crew would most likely include the SWORD members. This decision would not only benefit Garp but also provide Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates with a new challenge to push their limits.

In conclusion, One Piece 1082 brings a shock to the fans as Garp becomes a pirate and tops the highest One Piece bounty list. Although the possibility of him becoming a Yonkou is not impossible, Garp’s decision to become an independent pirate captain with his crew could provide an exciting new dynamic to the story.

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