Monkey D Dragon's Possible Connection to the Holy Knights in One Piece
Monkey D Dragon's Possible Connection to the Holy Knights in One Piece

Monkey D Dragon’s Possible Connection to the Holy Knights in One Piece

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Monkey D Dragon, the leader of the Pasukan Revolusioner, is believed to have a close connection with the Holy Knights in One Piece. This theory emerged due to the movements initiated by the Pasukan Revolusioner while realizing the strength possessed by this group. There is even a theory that Dragon was once a member of the Holy Knights.

The Holy Knights, also known as Ksatria Suci, are considered the strongest military group controlled by the World Government, even stronger than Cipher Pol and the Navy. They are known to work directly under the orders of Im Sama. If the assumptions regarding Dragon being a former member of the Holy Knights are true, it would prove his incredible strength.

Throughout the story, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has not yet revealed Dragon’s true power. However, if he was a former member of this elite group, it would confirm the capabilities he possesses. There are many One Piece theories circulating about Dragon having god-like abilities, such as Sun God Nika Luffy. Furthermore, Dragon’s confirmed possession of Haoshoku Haki and his above-average strength among the Pasukan Revolusioner add to his already impressive resume.

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If Dragon was assumed to be a former Admiral, then it is highly plausible that he was once a member of the Holy Knights. The existence of his family, including Luffy and Garp, and other members of the Revolusioner Army proved that Monkey D Dragon is truly a powerful character with a mysterious background.

Luffy’s desire for peace and his anti-violence beliefs were the only reasons he left the Holy Knights. This belief was expressed by one of Vegapunk’s cloned characters when discussing the events of Ohara.

Another One Piece character, Shanks, is also believed to have been part of the Holy Knights. Eiichiro Oda has yet to confirm this speculation, and many possible plot twists may occur, such as Buggy being promoted to a Yonkou. The mystery surrounding connections to the Holy Knights only adds to the intrigue of Monkey D Dragon’s past and possible future role in One Piece.

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