Menu Diet DEBM: Sarapan Pagi Hingga Camilan, Rekomendasi Menu Makanan yang Menyenangkan
Menu Diet DEBM: Sarapan Pagi Hingga Camilan, Rekomendasi Menu Makanan yang Menyenangkan

Menu Diet DEBM: Sarapan Pagi Hingga Camilan, Rekomendasi Menu Makanan yang Menyenangkan

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Are you confused about choosing a suitable DEBM diet menu plan? It can be challenging since every diet method or meal planning has its own set of rules to achieve specific goals. The DEBM diet is a dietary method that is designed to help you lose weight effectively. This method is short for “Diet Enak, Bahagia, and Menyenangkan,” and it is believed that it can help you shed up to 2 kg of weight in just one week. However, before starting this diet, you need to understand which foods you can consume and avoid. The DEBM method is done by reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake while increasing fat and protein intake.

The DEBM dietary rule is enjoyable, allowing you to consume delicious foods without feeling hungry or suppressing your appetite. With this diet, you can consume breakfast that avoids carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, bread, noodles, or chicken porridge. Instead, it is recommended to increase the protein intake in its place. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body. However, carbohydrates also have another function; they convert starch into sugar, so they need to be properly regulated. Apart from protein, healthy fats and fiber intake should also be increased during breakfast. The recommended food proportions are intended to help control your appetite. Here are some recommended breakfast menus when applying the DEBM method: boiled eggs, avocado and cheese, fiber-rich vegetables, such as green beans or carrots, cheese omelets, high-protein milk, and sugar-free yogurt.

During lunchtime, the dietary rules are the same, avoiding carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fiber-rich vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, green beans, and more. The DEBM dietary recommendation is to start with animal protein, such as boiled eggs, cheese, or high-protein milk. This is done so that your appetite remains in control and you don’t overeat. After that, you can increase the consumption of other animal proteins, such as chicken, fish, beef, and others. For drinks, choose only plain water instead of sweet drinks. Sweet drinks should be avoided during this diet as they contain high sugar content with high calories. Too much consumption of sweet drinks can have a negative impact, such as weight gain or even diabetes. Therefore, sweet beverages, such as sweet tea or packaged drinks, should be avoided.

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During dinnertime, most diet methods prohibit eating, but not with the DEBM method. With this method, you are required to eat dinner with the recommended DEBM diet menu options, including animal protein and high-carb foods, such as broccoli, spinach, and carrots. In addition, you can also consume foods without carbohydrates after 6 pm, such as eggs, fish, and avocados.

Snacks play an important role in this diet, as they help to build metabolism so that the body can burn more calories, thus regulating one’s appetite. However, the snack should be limited to 750 calories per day and divided into three portions each, containing 250 calories. The recommended snacks include yogurt and strawberries, one fried egg, two boiled eggs, or sunflower seeds.

Successfully adhering to this diet requires strong commitment to oneself, and patience to keep fighting for one’s goals. By following the recommended DEBM diet menu, you can enjoy it in a happier and more enjoyable way.

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