Memoir of a Murderer Synopsis: A Heart-Pounding Thriller from Korea
Memoir of a Murderer Synopsis: A Heart-Pounding Thriller from Korea

Memoir of a Murderer Synopsis: A Heart-Pounding Thriller from Korea

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Memoir of a Murderer is a Korean thriller that tells the story of a retired serial killer named Byeong Soo who is suffering from dementia. Byeong Soo was abused by his father in his teenage years. He resorted to killing after seeing his mother and sister tortured and abused. First, he killed his father. After that, Byeong Soo felt that people like his father deserved to die, and he rationalized his actions as purification.

As Byeong Soo grows older, his memory slowly fades away due to dementia. So, he began writing down his memories on a journal, where he confesses all of his killings. When his daughter Kim Eun Hee discovers this, she becomes afraid. She suspects that she had met a serial killer who was similar to her father. Despite the serious illness, Byeong Soo is determined to protect his daughter.

The movie is gripping and suspenseful. It touches on themes like family, trauma, and the blurred line between good and evil. The director, Won Shin Yun, did an incredible job of keeping the viewers on edge throughout the film through its well-executed plot and tense atmosphere.

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Cast and Crew

The main cast of Memoir of a Murderer includes Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Seol Hyun, and Oh Dal Soo. Won Shin Yun directed the movie.


Memoir of a Murderer is a must-watch for those who love psychological thrillers. The plot, acting, and suspenseful atmosphere of the movie make it one of the best Korean movies in the genre. It is a heart-pounding thriller that grabs your attention from the very start and keeps you guessing until the end.

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