Meet the Six Underworld Emperors in One Piece
Meet the Six Underworld Emperors in One Piece

Meet the Six Underworld Emperors in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, there are six powerful figures that rule the Underworld, known as the Six Underworld Emperors. These Emperors are just as feared as the Yonko and have their own unique abilities that make them near unbeatable. Out of the six, most of them are Devil Fruit eaters and even include former members of the infamous Rocks Pirates, and even the lover of the legendary pirate Whitebeard.

The Underworld is a place filled with illegal businesses that operate outside the realm of law. It’s a place where most of the world’s shady dealings happen. Even with its secrecy, the Underworld is littered with important figures such as the Shichibukai, Yonko, and even the Sky People Nobility.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of the Six Underworld Emperors in One Piece.

1. Stussy – Despite being one of the strongest CP0 agents, Stussy plays an important role as one of the Underworld Emperors. At the Underworld, she is known as the Queen of the Pleasure District, and although she has a pretty face, she has a sadistic personality. As it turns out, Stussy is modeled after Miss Buckingham Stussy, a former member of the Rocks Pirates and the lover of Whitebeard and the mother of Edward Weevil. Stussy was created as the first successful humanoid clone using MADS technology. Although she was considered a traitor to the World Government, she still holds a position of power.

2. Drug Peclo – Drug Peclo is known as the Guardian of the Great Cemetery and is considered one of the serious figures of the Underworld. He doesn’t hesitate to degrade his fellow Emperors, as seen when he insulted Du Feld. His abilities are not yet known, but as an Emperor, his power is certainly significant. He was invited to Big Mom’s Tea Party as an important figure in the underworld.

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3. Morgans – Morgans is an important figure when it comes to spreading news around the world. He owns the World Economy News Paper and works as one of the Underworld Emperors. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Albatross Devil Fruit, giving him the ability to transform into an albatross, but how his human form looks is still a mystery.

4. Giberson – Giberson is known as the Smuggler Emperor due to his expertise in smuggling. He was invited to Big Mom’s Tea Party, showing his importance to the underworld. He was also strong enough to block Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki when she was enraged.

5. Umit – Umit is known as the Deep Sea Current Emperor and is involved in shipping and transportation. His powers are still a mystery, but he was invited to Big Mom’s Tea Party as another important figure of the Underworld. It’s not clear why he was shocked when Brook destroyed Carmel’s photo.

6. Du Feld – Lastly, there’s Du Feld, known as the God of Fortune. He is the Loan Shark King of the Underworld, involved in loaning money himself. He’s also a conglomerate and was once one of the largest donors to MADS. He was invited to Big Mom’s Tea Party and was strong enough to hold back Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki.

Although these characters are not the focus of the story, they still hold significant influence in the world of One Piece. The Underworld Emperors play an important role in the series and add complexity to the story’s context. They are not to be underestimated, as they have their own unique abilities and personalities.

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