Masashi Kishimoto to Release Minato One Shot Manga in Summer 2023
Masashi Kishimoto to Release Minato One Shot Manga in Summer 2023

Masashi Kishimoto to Release Minato One Shot Manga in Summer 2023

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Masashi Kishimoto, the popular mangaka behind Naruto, is set to release a Minato One Shot manga in the summer of 2023. In the popular poll, Minato Namikaze emerged as the number one character after winning the votes of 99 of Naruto’s most popular characters. As a result, Masashi will create a special manga just for Minato.

There are three possible stories that may be adapted for the Minato One Shot manga from Naruto, based on various sources. Here are some ideas:

1. Minato’s youth and his team

One possible story that might be adapted into this manga is Minato’s youth. This is because Minato’s youth was not often highlighted in the Naruto story. In this story, we may see a younger Minato with his mysterious team members, and learn how Jiraiya became his mentor.

2. Minato vs One Thousand Shinobi

The incident at Kannabi Bridge was a pivotal moment when Minato’s team was sent to destroy the bridge that was being used as a supply route for the Iwagakure ninja during the war. With the destruction of the bridge, Iwa would have a hard time bringing supplies to the front line. During the mission, Minato was at the forefront to help Konoha’s army, and he single-handedly eliminated one thousand Iwagakure soldiers, forcing them to retreat. This story might focus on the mission and Minato’s heroism, which was only briefly glimpsed in the Naruto series.

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3. Minato and Kushina’s farewell

The birth of Naruto was a tragic day when Minato and Kushina lost their lives. They were not prepared for that day, and it was a sad farewell for the couple. This story might show how Minato and Kushina picked the name Naruto from Jiraiya’s novel, or how Minato became anxious during the moments leading up to his son’s birth.

Are you excited to read the Minato One Shot manga? Then stay tuned for its release in the summer of 2023.

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