Marilyn's Eyes Synopsis: A Romantic Comedy Drama About Diego and Clara's Journey to Open a Restaurant in a Rehabilitation Center
Marilyn's Eyes Synopsis: A Romantic Comedy Drama About Diego and Clara's Journey to Open a Restaurant in a Rehabilitation Center

Marilyn’s Eyes Synopsis: A Romantic Comedy Drama About Diego and Clara’s Journey to Open a Restaurant in a Rehabilitation Center

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Marilyn’s Eyes is a heartwarming romantic comedy drama that takes the audience on a journey with Diego, a chef who struggles with a severe case of OCD and anger management issues, and Clara, an actress who has been sentenced to rehabilitation for burning her ex-boyfriend’s house down. The movie, which was released on Netflix in March 2022, follows the two as they join a therapy group in the rehabilitation center and start a quest to open their own restaurant within the facility.


Diego is a chef who ruins a dining room in the restaurant where he works because one of his employees put too much flour in the wrong dish. His therapist then recommends that he goes to a rehabilitation center to deal with his anger management issues and severe case of OCD. When he arrives at the center, he immediately joins a therapy group consisting of various patients with different illnesses, including Sosio, a paranoid man; Chip, an elderly man with anxiety; Susanna, a woman with Tourette’s syndrome; Gina, a lonely young mute girl who often uses roller skates, and Clara, an actress with a million lies.

Their first meeting doesn’t go smoothly as Diego, Sosio, Chip, and Susanna can’t control their respective conditions. The meeting becomes chaotic, and Paulus, the head therapist, looks puzzled by their behavior. Meanwhile, Clara sits behind them, hoping to get her punishment over as soon as possible. After a few meetings, Paulus assigns them to cook for the elderly at the nursing home. They move to a vacant room in the rehabilitation center to greet the seniors.

On the first day, they find it very difficult to work together, especially Sosio, Chip, and Susanna, who look very nervous. Diego then prepares the ingredients to cook carbonara as the main dish. However, Diego throws away the carbonara because he thinks it doesn’t taste perfect. Clara is furious with Diego’s behavior, but she tries the carbonara from the trash can, finding it surprisingly delicious. Clara is amazed and shares it with Gina, who also likes the food’s taste. They then transfer the carbonara from the trash can to the plate before serving it. The seniors unexpectedly love the food and praise Diego for his culinary skills. Diego feels proud and tries to restore his reputation as a chef.

Diego and the group continue to cook for them in the following meetings. Clara then gets an idea to turn the place into a fictitious restaurant. She writes on a website and fills it with fake food photos and reviews. Unexpectedly, her reviews are well-received, and people are interested in eating there. However, her actions are eventually discovered by Diego, who feels upset and angry with her.

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After a moment of argument, Diego approaches Clara and suggests making the place a real restaurant instead of deceiving others. Along with the rest of the group, they renovate the place like a real restaurant. Clara then gives the restaurant the name “Monroe,” inspired by Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

Karakter Dengan Gangguan Mental yang Beragam

Marilyn’s Eyes features a group of characters from different backgrounds with various mental disorders. Among the characters, Diego is a hot-tempered individual with OCD, who struggles with his parenting rights with his ex-wife, who is now in a new relationship. In the movie, Diego is not only trying to restore his reputation as a chef but also trying to prove to his daughter that he can be a good and useful father.

Sosio, on the other hand, is a character with high levels of suspicion. He is always on edge and questions everyone’s motives. Chip is an elderly man that has anxiety attacks and is always preoccupied with his own health. Susanna is a woman with Tourette’s syndrome, who has peculiar motor and vocal tics. Gina is a mute girl who often uses roller skates to get around and feels incredibly alone. Lastly, Clara is an actress with an enormous amount of lies that was sentenced to rehabilitation after burning down her ex-boyfriend’s house.


In conclusion, Marilyn’s Eyes is an entertaining movie that emphasizes the significance of group therapy and shows that individuals with mental disorders can still function well in society. By working together, the characters are able to overcome their conditions and accomplish their goals. The slow-burn romance between Diego and Clara is heartwarming and endearing. It’s a movie that can make you happy one moment and emotional the next, making it worth watching for everyone who is looking for a feel-good romantic comedy drama.

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