Manga Oshi no Ko 128: The Start of Film Production for '15-Year Lie'
Manga Oshi no Ko 128: The Start of Film Production for '15-Year Lie'

Manga Oshi no Ko 128: The Start of Film Production for ’15-Year Lie’

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In the latest chapter of the manga Oshi no Ko 128, the production of the highly anticipated film ’15-Year Lie’ kicks off with a script reading. Fans are thrilled to get a sneak peek at the cast and their roles through the manga.

The chapter begins with Ruby Hoshino, dressed as Ai Hoshino, making a brief appearance in Oshi no Ko 128. This excites fans and builds anticipation for the upcoming film.

Gotanda, the protagonist, arrives at Strawberry Productions with a completed script in hand. However, there is still one crucial element missing – a child actor. The search for the perfect young talent begins.

Aqua, one of the main characters, takes it upon herself to convince Crow Girl, also known as Tsukuyomi, to join the film crew. Crow Girl reveals her role as ‘Child A and Child B’, playing the younger versions of Aqua and Ruby’s characters.

The cast lineup starts to take shape as Aqua and Ruby are cast as Hikaru Kamiki and Ai Hoshino, respectively. Crow Girl, under the stage name Tsukuyomi, adds an air of mystery to her involvement.

Meanwhile, Mem-Cho and Frill Shiranui have their first encounter. Frill lands the role of Airi Himekawa, Taiki Himekawa’s mother, while actress Mem-Cho will be portraying the character Mei Mei from B-Komachi.

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Things become awkward when Akane and Kana, both cast members of B-Komachi, meet each other. The tension between them creates an interesting dynamic that will surely keep readers engaged.

Melt Narushima and Taiki Himekawa are finally revealed as part of the cast, further solidifying the lineup for ’15-Year Lie’.

After an exciting script reading, the filming for ’15-Year Lie’ officially begins. Fans can’t wait to see their beloved manga characters come to life on the big screen.

In conclusion, Oshi no Ko 128 sets the stage for the production of ’15-Year Lie’ with a script reading. The cast is introduced, tensions arise, and the excitement for the film reaches new heights. Manga and movie enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the release of ’15-Year Lie’ to see how their favorite characters will be portrayed.

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