Lineage Factor in One Piece – All You Need to Know
Lineage Factor in One Piece – All You Need to Know

Lineage Factor in One Piece – All You Need to Know

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In the world of One Piece, various discoveries and technologies are introduced that take the storyline forward. One of the latest and most significant revelations is the Lineage Factor, introduced by Eiichiro Oda. It is a creation of MADS, a group of four brilliant scientists- dr. Vegapunk, Queen, Caesar Clown, and Vinsmoke Judge, who are involved in massive projects. In this article, we will discuss everything about the Lineage Factor in One Piece.

What is Lineage Factor in One Piece?

Lineage Factor or Faktor Silsilah is an invention of dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge. The two scientists created it to change growth patterns, combine DNA, and modify the human body. It is the technology behind Sanji’s enhanced physical strength and endurance abilities. He is a member of the Koki Kru Topi Jerami, an excellent example of what the Lineage Factor can do.

The other result of Lineage Factor is the Seraphim, created by dr. Vegapunk through the combination of various DNA types, including the Lunarian race. He created highly advanced combat tools using his exceptional genetic expertise. Another significant breakthrough involving the Lineage Factor is the creation of SMILE, a special type of Devil Fruit, by Caesar Clown.

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Vinsmoke Judge’s Role in Lineage Factor

After the disbandment of MADS, Vinsmoke Judge continued to experiment with cloning and genetic modification on his children. With the Lineage Factor, he successfully created superhuman abilities in them. So, the factor is used not just to enhance physical abilities but also to modify genes and transfer them from one person to another.


The Lineage Factor is an incredible invention used in One Piece to modify the human body’s DNA and bring out added strength and abilities. The fact that it was created by two brilliant scientists, dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge, makes it even more intriguing. With the help of the Lineage Factor, they created some of the most powerful characters in the show, such as Sanji and the Seraphim. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how this technology will be further developed in the upcoming episodes of One Piece.

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