Last Night in Soho Synopsis: A Young Woman Trapped in the 60s
Last Night in Soho Synopsis: A Young Woman Trapped in the 60s

Last Night in Soho Synopsis: A Young Woman Trapped in the 60s

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Last Night in Soho is a 2021 Psychological Horror movie that takes us on a journey with a young woman, Eloise “Elie” Turner, who has a strong passion for music from the 1960s. The film is produced by Film4 Productions, Perfect World Pictures, Working Title Films, and Complete Fiction Pictures, directed by Edgar Wright and features cast members like Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Michael Ajao and Diana Rigg.


Elie, an 18-year-old girl, lived with her grandmother Peggy after her mother committed suicide in London. Elie is fascinated by the music of the past, especially music from the ’60s, and her love for fashion design is inspired by her passion for music. Elie’s dream of becoming a fashion designer seems to come true after receiving acceptance to the London College of Fashion.

Despite Peggy’s reservations about Elie moving to London, Elie is excited about the new adventure. However, upon arrival, things don’t go as she planned. From being harassed by a taxi driver to the college’s dormitory, where she’s ridiculed for her old-school fashion sense and the music she loves.

To avoid being among people who make her feel uncomfortable, Elie leaves the dormitory and rents an apartment owned by Miss Collins. Trying to balance her new life in London, Elie works at a pub to support her living expenses.

While sleeping in her new apartment, Elie dreams of being transported back to the 1960s and encounters a mysterious woman named Sandie in a nightclub. In her dreams, Elie sees herself as Sandie living in the 60s. Furthermore, Elie begins to experience the frightening and disturbing repercussions of her obsession with the past.

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As she uncovers the dark secrets of the era and the mystery around Sandie‚Äôs story, her life slowly spirals out of control. Intrigued by the enigma that surrounds Sandie’s life, Elie tries to prove her death and unravels the mysteries. As Elie peels back the layers of the past, she soon realizes that reality is more horrifying than her dreams.


The movie has a slow pace that takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the protagonist’s character and her obsession with the past. The first half of the movie primarily focuses on Elie’s adventures in London and her nostalgic feelings towards the past. The second half introduces the psychological horror elements as Elie’s life slowly becomes entangled in a web of mysteries surrounding Sandie.


Last Night in Soho is a complex and thrilling movie that delves into the psyche of an individual who is stuck between two different time periods. Despite the slow pace and intricate storyline, the film manages to keep the audience engaged with its mix of horror and psychological drama. The cast’s fantastic performances and the overall production quality are commendable, making this movie a must-watch for fans of the psychological horror genre.

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