Konohamaru's Power Growth in Boruto: A Strong Leader's Journey
Konohamaru's Power Growth in Boruto: A Strong Leader's Journey

Konohamaru’s Power Growth in Boruto: A Strong Leader’s Journey

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In the popular anime series Naruto, Konohamaru Sarutobi is known as a side character with limited screen time. However, in its sequel series Boruto, Konohamaru takes on a larger role as the leader of Team 7.

Team 7, consisting of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki, is known as one of the strongest teams in the village. Their strength is further enhanced when Kawaki, a powerful ally, joins the team.

Unfortunately, Konohamaru’s potential is underutilized in the first part of Boruto. However, with the timeskip in Boruto Part 2, Konohamaru has the opportunity to shine and prove himself as a formidable leader.

The characters in Boruto have become stronger after the timeskip, and Konohamaru should not be left behind. He needs to level up his abilities in order to gain respect and enhance his role within the story.


The series’ creator, Masashi Kishimoto, has made it clear that Konohamaru will also receive power-ups. One way he can achieve this is by mastering all Nature Transformations, gaining additional power and versatility in battle.

Furthermore, Konohamaru has the potential to learn powerful abilities like the Sannin Mode, which would greatly boost his combat skills.

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Konohamaru’s strength is crucial in defending Village Konoha. With new threats like Claw Grimes and Code emerging, the village needs all the capable fighters it can get.

Interestingly, Konohamaru’s power growth mirrors that of Kakashi in the original Naruto series. Just like Kakashi evolved from a side character to a legendary ninja, Konohamaru has the chance to follow a similar path.

In conclusion, Konohamaru’s journey in Boruto is a story of growth and redemption. As the leader of Team 7, he has the opportunity to shine and prove himself as a strong and capable ninja. By leveling up his abilities and acquiring new powers, he can gain the respect he deserves and play a crucial role in defending Village Konoha. Konohamaru’s power growth parallels that of Kakashi, making his story even more compelling.

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