Kakegurui Twin Synopsis: A Story of Gambling and Slavery in a Private Academy
Kakegurui Twin Synopsis: A Story of Gambling and Slavery in a Private Academy

Kakegurui Twin Synopsis: A Story of Gambling and Slavery in a Private Academy

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Kakegurui Twin is a Japanese anime series that tells the story of Saotome Mary, a transfer student who quickly adapts to the gambling system in her new school. The anime is a spin-off and prequel to the Kakegurui anime and is based on the manga series written by Kawamoto Homura. The story revolves around Saotome Mary’s experiences at a private academy where academic performance is secondary to gambling prowess.

The series is set in Akademi Swasta Hyakkaou, a school unlike any other, where students gamble their fortunes, and losers become slaves to their winners. The first episode begins with Saotome Mary’s arrival at the school and her reunion with her old friend Hanatemari, who has become a slave due to gambling debts. Saotome Mary is soon challenged by a classmate, Aiura Kokoro, and nearly loses in a game of Speed Daifugo. However, Hanatemari loans her some money, allowing her to beat Kokoro and impress Hanatemari.

Saotome Mary then convinces Hanatemari to show her around the school and explain the gambling system. They visit one of the weaker gambling rooms, where they meet the Literature Club’s president, Togakushi Yukimi. Mary decides to challenge Yukimi to a game, and the clubroom becomes the subject of a gambling challenge between Mary and Juraku Sachiko.

Despite losing in the first round, Mary refuses to give up and asks for a rematch, which Juraku agrees to. She wins the second game, which reveals the sneaky tactics used by Sado Mikura. As a result, Mary wins the clubroom and must now make more money to pay rent and other expenses.


Meanwhile, in the Student Council room, Shiharutaki Sakura is tasked with collecting rent owed by a delinquent student. Mary, who now has her gambling room, starts promoting gambling with the help of Hanatemari. Yukimi, who previously owned the room, begs Mary to let her read her books in the room.

On the first day of the new gambling room’s opening, several students show up, and the room becomes quite popular. Juraku, who knows about Mary’s success, tells Mibuomi Aoi about her, and he becomes interested. However, Mibuomi loses a lot of money while gambling with Mary, but he sees her skill and offers to team up to crush the Student Council’s slave system. Mary faces a dilemma of whether to accept Mibuomi’s offer, even though they share the same goals.

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Kakegurui Twin is a compelling story of a young girl’s journey through the cruel and twisted world of high-stakes gambling. The anime deals with important issues such as slavery and gambling addiction. This anime is recommended for viewers who enjoy watching drama and mystery genres.

Subheading 1: The Plot and Characters of Kakegurui Twin

Kakegurui Twin is a delightful anime with six episodes that run for 26 minutes each. The story follows Saotome Mary, who transfers to Akademi Swasta Hyakkaou, a private academy where students are ranked based on their gambling abilities rather than their academic performance. Mary quickly navigates the gambling system and makes a name for herself.

One of the highlights of the anime is the well-crafted characters. Mary is the central character, and her growth throughout the series is an enjoyable ride. Hanatemari, her friend, and slave, is also a fascinating character. The thrill-seeking Aiura Kokoro and the enigmatic Yukimi Togakashi round out the main cast. The characters are distinct, and their relationships with each other add depth and intrigue to the story.

The Themes of Kakegurui Twin

Kakegurui Twin is more than just an anime about gambling. It deals with important themes such as addiction, slavery, and the devastating effects of social hierarchies. The anime portrays a world where students are ranked based on their gambling abilities, and the losers become slaves. The characters in the anime are trying to navigate this cruel and oppressive world while trying to maintain their dignity.


In conclusion, Kakegurui Twin is an entertaining and thought-provoking anime that deals with important themes such as addiction and slavery. The anime’s characters are well-crafted, and their relationships add depth and intrigue to the story. Kakegurui Twin is a recommended watch for anyone who enjoys drama and mystery genre, and it is a must-watch for fans of the Kakegurui franchise.

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