Inhuman Kiss: A Terrifying Thai Horror Film with Supernatural Romance
Inhuman Kiss: A Terrifying Thai Horror Film with Supernatural Romance

Inhuman Kiss: A Terrifying Thai Horror Film with Supernatural Romance

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When it comes to horror movies, Thai cinema has gained a reputation for delivering spine-chilling tales that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Inhuman Kiss, a 2019 Thai horror film, is no exception. Directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri, the movie tells the haunting story of a village plagued by the terrifying Krasue ghost.

The film revolves around the main character, Sai, who discovers that she herself is the Krasue. With a heart full of love and the determination to find a cure for her condition, Sai embarks on a perilous journey. Throughout her quest, Sai is accompanied by her loyal friend, Noi, who offers unwavering support and assistance in her search for a solution.

However, not everyone in the village is as supportive as Noi. Sai’s other friend, Jerd, succumbs to jealousy and joins a group of Krasue hunters. This addition of conflict adds depth to the storyline and raises the stakes for Sai as she battles not only her own internal struggles but also the external forces that are determined to put an end to her existence as a Krasue.

At its core, Inhuman Kiss explores themes of love, friendship, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. The movie beautifully captures the essence of these themes and presents them in a visually impressive manner. The visual effects in the film are well-executed, adding a layer of authenticity to the terrifying presence of the Krasue. The plot itself is clear and engaging, keeping viewers hooked from start to finish.

One notable aspect of Inhuman Kiss is its departure from the typical comedic elements often seen in Thai films. Instead, the movie takes a more serious and dark tone, placing emphasis on the horror and supernatural elements. This deviation from the norm adds a refreshing and unique twist to the genre.

However, some viewers may find the plot of Inhuman Kiss to be somewhat long and convoluted. The movie delves into the intricate web of relationships between the characters, particularly the sweet and nostalgic bond between Sai and Noi. While this adds depth to the story, it may also contribute to a sense of confusion or overwhelm for some viewers.

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As a horror film, Inhuman Kiss does not shy away from violence and gore, typical of the genre. The movie includes scenes that depict the gruesome nature of the Krasue and the horror that unfolds in the village. These scenes are not for the faint of heart, but they serve their purpose in immersing viewers into the terrifying world of the Krasue.

In addition to its horror elements, Inhuman Kiss also incorporates elements of Thai folklore and addresses the myth of the Krasue. This adds a cultural richness to the film and enhances the overall viewing experience. The movie raises thought-provoking questions about identity, acceptance, and the nature of evil, inviting viewers to reflect on these deeper themes.

The climax of Inhuman Kiss is a breathtaking battle between two powerful supernatural beings. The intensity of this scene leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome. However, it is the ending of the film that truly leaves room for interpretation and reflection. The ambiguous nature of the conclusion allows viewers to ponder the meaning behind the events and draw their own conclusions.

In summary, Inhuman Kiss is an intriguing and visually impressive Thai horror film that combines elements of horror, romance, and drama. It tells the haunting tale of a village plagued by the Krasue ghost and follows Sai’s journey to find a cure for her condition. The movie explores themes of love, friendship, and the struggle between good and evil, all while incorporating elements of Thai folklore. With its well-executed visual effects and engaging storyline, Inhuman Kiss is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts. Brace yourself for a supernatural romance that will leave you captivated and questioning the nature of darkness and evil.

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