Im Sama's True Form Revealed as a Dragon in One Piece 1086
Im Sama's True Form Revealed as a Dragon in One Piece 1086

Im Sama’s True Form Revealed as a Dragon in One Piece 1086

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In the latest chapter of One Piece 1086, the mystery surrounding Im Sama’s true form is finally revealed. According to the spoilers and leaks circulating forums, Im Sama is actually a dragon that has consumed a mysterious devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi.

Many fans were shocked to learn that Im Sama’s real identity is a dragon, a creature known for its power, intelligence, and ability to manipulate humans. European dragons, in particular, are notorious for their hoarding tendencies and guarding valuable treasures in caves, which is in line with Im Sama’s current location at Pangea Castle – still hiding away for a secret purpose.

The dragon theme is reinforced further in how Im Sama attacked Sabo by transforming its head to a more prominent size and sharp fangs. Additionally, Im Sama devoured Mera Mera no Mi flames with ease, indicating that it is a creature that can eat and shoot out fire.

Moreover, fans also noticed how the attacks resembled arrows that pointed to the dragon’s tail, referencing European dragons’ arrow-like tails. Some even speculate that Im Sama’s skin could be made of seastone – the only substance that can harm logia users like Sabo.
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The evidence continues as Im Sama’s hybrid mode is revealed with four fingers – conjuring similarities to European dragons’ four-toed claws. And in a stunning panel, Im Sama’s massive hand grips the empty throne, accompanied by the image of a silhouette resembling a dragon behind Sabo as he attempts to escape with King Cobra.

It’s fascinating to see how Oda has been dropping breadcrumbs throughout the series, with the hint of the crew riding a dragon in the Punk Hazard Arc, hinting that Im Sama could be the dragon that represents the Holy Knight forces protecting it.

In conclusion, the recent One Piece 1086 chapter has given fans a glimpse of Im Sama’s true identity, a dragon hiding in plain sight. As usual, Oda has kept the mystery intact, leaving fans with more questions than answers about Im Sama’s ultimate plans and secrets.

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