How to Reset Your MI Phone: Complete Guide to Factory Reset MI Xiaomi Redmi Phones
How to Reset Your MI Phone: Complete Guide to Factory Reset MI Xiaomi Redmi Phones

How to Reset Your MI Phone: Complete Guide to Factory Reset MI Xiaomi Redmi Phones

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Have you forgotten your MI phone password? Is your phone hanging or not working correctly? If you face any of these issues with your MI Xiaomi Redmi phone, you need to know how to reset it to fix the problem.

Nowadays, almost every smartphone user sets screen locks on their phones to protect their privacy. However, sometimes users forget their phone passwords and cannot open their smartphones. After prolonged use, mobile phones start lagging and cannot work correctly. Or maybe you want to give your phone to someone else. In all these situations, it is essential to format your phone to fix the issue.

Before taking such a step, there are many things you need to consider and perform to back up all your data. Make sure to backup all the essential data, including documents, photos, audios, videos, and files to preserve your data, or you risk losing your data during the resetting process. As you know, contacts are vital, make sure to move or copy your contacts from your phone to a SIM card. Remember to remove your Google account or write down your Gmail username and password, which is logged on your MI phone.

Now let’s talk about the four different ways to factory reset your MI phone, listed below:

1. Recovery Mode (Power and Volume Key)

2. MI Phone Setting

3. Google Account (Find my Device)

4. ADB Tools using Computer

These four methods are slightly different, used depending on the situation you may face, and each method has its procedures.

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To format your MI Phone using the phone setting, follow the given procedure:

1. Open “Setting” and go to “About Phone”

2. Click on “Backup & Reset”
3. Scroll down and click on “Erase all data (Factory reset)”
4. Click on “Reset”
5. Click on “Next” and then “OK.”

Wait for a few minutes until the resetting process completes. Once the mobile turns on, you have to set it up by selecting the language and entering your Google account information.

However, if you forget the screen lock password, you cannot factory reset your MI phone using the same method. In this case, you can directly erase all data using recovery mode with the help of the power button and volume button.

In conclusion, every situation needs a different approach; thus, it is essential to learn how to factory reset your MI phone. So, always remember to back up your data to avoid losing vital information and follow the above procedure to recover your MI phone.

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