How to Get Free Healthcare Protection from the Government in Indonesia?
How to Get Free Healthcare Protection from the Government in Indonesia?

How to Get Free Healthcare Protection from the Government in Indonesia?

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Are you worried about healthcare expenses? Lack of access to healthcare can create stress in your daily life. Fortunately, the Indonesian government provides a program called KIS (Kartu Indonesia Sehat), which offers free healthcare protection. To help you get started with the program, we have outlined the offline and online registration processes below.

However, before proceeding with registration, make sure you meet the following requirements:

– Your family is not included in PBPU or wage receiving workers.

– Your registration includes all family members.

– You can register at the nearest BPJS office or online.
– You meet certain document requirements, such as KTP, KK, and a colored photo of 3×4 size.

– You need to sign a declaration letter.

– You can register an adopted child by providing valid proof from the court.
– You can appoint a representative if you are unable to register yourself; however, the representative must hold a power of attorney reinforced with a stamp.

Once you have met all the requirements, you can proceed with registration using one of the following methods:

1. Offline registration:

– Prepare the required documents, such as ID card, family card, and certificate of inability to pay, as mentioned above.
– Visit the nearest health center to get a recommendation letter.
– Bring the recommendation letter and required documents to the nearest BPJS office.
– Fill out the form provided by the officer accurately.
– Wait for your KIS card to be printed and start using it.

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2. Online registration:

– Download the JKN Mobile application from the app store on your device.
– Open the application and register as a new member.
– Agree to terms and conditions and proceed with filling out your NIK number.
– Verify your identity and wait for your KIS card to be processed.


Having access to free healthcare protection is vital for your well-being. If you meet the KIS requirements, you can use either the offline or online registration process to get started with healthcare protection. Don’t wait any longer to register, stay healthy and secure with KIS.

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