How to Disable "Typing..." Status in WhatsApp Aero
How to Disable "Typing..." Status in WhatsApp Aero

How to Disable “Typing…” Status in WhatsApp Aero

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WhatsApp Aero is a popular modified app based on the official WhatsApp messaging application. This app offers additional features and customization options that are not available in the official WhatsApp version. One of the interesting features of WhatsApp Aero is the ability to disable the “Typing…” status. In this article, we will discuss the steps to disable the “Typing…” status while using WhatsApp Aero and its privacy implications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disable “Typing…” Status in WhatsApp Aero:

Before proceeding with the following steps, ensure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp Aero, available for download on its official website.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Aero

Open the WhatsApp Aero application that is already installed on your device. If you haven’t installed it yet, download and install it first.

Step 2: Access settings menu

Tap the three vertical dots icon located in the top right corner of the screen to access the menu. Select “Aero Mods” from the available options.

Step 3: Navigate to Privacy Settings

After accessing the Aero Mods menu, scroll down and tap “Privacy and Security.” This will open the privacy and security settings in the application.

Step 4: Disable “Typing…” status

In the Privacy section, you will find the “Hide Typing Status” option. Slide the button next to this option to the “OFF” position to disable it. By disabling this option, “Typing…” status will not be displayed to other users when you are typing a message.

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Step 5: Save settings

After disabling the “Typing…” status, be sure to save the settings. Close the application and restart it to ensure that the changes are applied.


By following the above steps, you can easily disable the “Typing…” status while using WhatsApp Aero. This feature allows you to write messages without letting your contacts know that you are typing. It is essential to remember that the use of modified applications like WhatsApp Aero can violate the terms of service of the official WhatsApp and may risk losing access to your account. Always consider the risks before using modified applications.

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