How Luffy Defeats Gorosei Saturn in One Piece 1087: Unveiling Gorosei Saturn's Weakness
How Luffy Defeats Gorosei Saturn in One Piece 1087: Unveiling Gorosei Saturn's Weakness

How Luffy Defeats Gorosei Saturn in One Piece 1087: Unveiling Gorosei Saturn’s Weakness

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, Gorosei Saturn is believed to be one of the strongest characters. He possesses god-like powers similar to Nika, making him a formidable opponent. However, even the most formidable characters have weaknesses, as revealed in One Piece 1087 by Eiichiro Oda.

Many fans believed that Gorosei Saturn would easily defeat Monkey D Luffy due to his immense power. Luffy’s potential is not fully maximized due to his Devil Fruit power, but he has proven time and again that he can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. It is through the revelation of Gorosei Saturn’s weakness that Luffy emerges as the ultimate victor.

Contrary to popular belief, Gorosei Saturn is not without weaknesses. Eiichiro Oda has left clues throughout the series about these vulnerabilities. One such clue is Admiral Kizaru’s implication that Gorosei Saturn may be weaker than him. This suggests that Gorosei Saturn’s strength has diminished over time, making him less of a threat to Luffy.

In Chapter 1087, it is revealed that Gorosei Saturn’s weakness lies in his tea. His tea is tested for poison, indicating his vulnerability to toxins. This vulnerability opens up an opportunity for Luffy to exploit. By poisoning Gorosei Saturn’s tea, Luffy gains the upper hand and emerges as the winner in their battle at Egghead.

Furthermore, Gorosei’s lack of knowledge about Queen Lily is another indication of his vulnerability. Gorosei is unaware of Queen Lily’s existence, suggesting a lack of knowledge about the past. In contrast, Im Sama recognizes Queen Lily, contradicting Gorosei’s claimed age. This lack of awareness showcases Gorosei Saturn’s limitations and weaknesses.

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It is important to note that the revelation of Gorosei Saturn’s weakness does not diminish his status as one of Im Sama’s trusted individuals. He is still considered to be highly respected and trusted by Im Sama. However, it serves as a reminder that even the most powerful characters have their vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, the unveiling of Gorosei Saturn’s weakness in One Piece 1087 showcases the complexity of character development in the world of One Piece. Despite his god-like powers, Gorosei Saturn is not invincible. His weakness in his tea allows Monkey D Luffy to exploit and ultimately defeat him, proving that even the strongest characters have their limitations. Eiichiro Oda’s storytelling continuously surprises and captivates fans, as he delves into the intricacies of characters and their weaknesses. One Piece 1087 stands as a testament to the depth and creativity of the series.

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