Holy Knight in One Piece: The Mystery Behind Their Identity Revealed
Holy Knight in One Piece: The Mystery Behind Their Identity Revealed

Holy Knight in One Piece: The Mystery Behind Their Identity Revealed

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One of the most discussed topics among the One Piece community right now is the identity of Holy Knight in chapter 1084. Fans were surprised when Monkey D Dragon mentioned the group of protectors, which even made him feel afraid. In this article, we will discuss the wild theories regarding Holy Knight’s identity and their purpose in One Piece.

Holy Knight in One Piece is believed to be a group of powerful beings whose strength can rival that of a monster. Some fans even speculate that they are the result of cloning. According to fan theories, the World Government created the group to protect the descendants of the Celestial Dragons, who are believed to have created the One Piece world. Those who dare to touch the Celestial Dragons will face the wrath of an admiral.

It is not impossible to assume that Holy Knight members are stronger than admirals, and they might be a cloned result of famous characters, such as Akagami No Shanks, Shirohige, and Gol D Roger. This theory correlates with the silhouette of the group that appeared in One Piece 1084.

There’s even a possibility that Shanks has a twin that leads Holy Knight, and this was indicated by a hint in One Piece 1085. Some fans speculate that the sword held by Holy Knight members belongs to Gol D Roger.


Despite the speculation, it’s still unclear what Holy Knight represents in the world of One Piece. However, their presence has made many fans wonder if the struggle of the Revolutionary Army will be more complicated in the future.

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The latest chapter also revealed that Sabo is starting to uncover Holy Knight’s secrets. It is speculated that he knows a lot about the group, and he might even reveal who killed Cobra in Marijoa.

One Piece has been a cultural phenomenon since its initial publication in 1997. The story follows the brave monkey D Luffy and his crew of pirates as they search for the One Piece, a treasure every pirate desires. After 25 years and 490 million copies sold worldwide, creator Eiichiro Oda announced that One Piece is nearing its final chapter.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Holy Knight in One Piece has become a hot topic among the fans, and many wild theories are emerging. Whether they are clones of famous characters or not, their presence in the story will undoubtedly make the Revolutionary Army’s battle more intense. However, like any fan speculations, they remain theories until proven true.

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