Himawari's Unwavering Belief in Boruto's Innocence: A Strong Emotional Bond
Himawari's Unwavering Belief in Boruto's Innocence: A Strong Emotional Bond

Himawari’s Unwavering Belief in Boruto’s Innocence: A Strong Emotional Bond

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In the world of the Boruto manga, Himawari Uzumaki, Naruto’s daughter, still holds a strong emotional bond with her older brother Boruto. However, recent events have shaken her perception of reality, leading to a switch in her perception of Boruto and his friend Kawaki.

One key point to note is that Zenno, a mysterious figure, has somehow swapped the memories of Boruto and Kawaki. This has caused Himawari to believe that Boruto is the one responsible for their father’s death, while she still sees Kawaki as innocent. Despite this confusion, Himawari clings to her conviction that Boruto would never harm their own father.

Himawari’s unwavering belief in Boruto’s innocence becomes a driving force for her. Despite being accused of being a traitor by others, she remains motivated to train and support Boruto. Her strong emotional bond with him fuels her determination to prove his innocence, no matter what.

Himawari’s intuition and her strong bond as a descendant of Naruto make her resistant to Zenno’s influence. She can sense that Boruto is not the person responsible for their father’s death, and her conviction becomes even stronger as she trains alongside Queen Chocho.


During her training sessions with Chocho, Himawari expresses her desire to become strong. She knows that she needs to become powerful in order to help Boruto and find the truth about their father’s disappearance. This determination shocks not only Chocho but also their friend Shikadai, who firmly believes that Boruto is guilty of killing Naruto.

However, Himawari remains firm in her belief that Boruto is innocent. She recalls the times when Boruto risked his life to protect her and Naruto, showing his love and loyalty towards their family. These memories only strengthen her conviction that her brother is not a murderer.

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In addition to her unwavering belief, Himawari also has a strong sense that their father, Naruto, is still alive. This belief further fuels her determination to find answers and bring the truth to light. In this aspect, Himawari’s conviction parallels the beliefs of her friends Sarada and Sumire, who also believe in Boruto’s innocence.

Despite her strong convictions, Himawari is hesitant to reveal her true beliefs to others. She understands that the situation is complex and that not everyone may see things from her perspective. However, her strong emotional bond with Boruto motivates her to continue training and supporting him, regardless of the accusations from others.

In conclusion, Himawari’s unwavering belief in Boruto’s innocence and her strong emotional bond with him drive her to train and support him, even in the face of doubt and accusations. She holds onto her memories and experiences, knowing deep down that her brother is not responsible for their father’s death. With each training session, she becomes stronger, both physically and mentally, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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