Hilarious Comedy Film: Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) - A Fake Kidnapping Adventure
Hilarious Comedy Film: Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) - A Fake Kidnapping Adventure

Hilarious Comedy Film: Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) – A Fake Kidnapping Adventure

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Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) is a hilarious comedy film that takes viewers on a wild adventure with Indro, Kasino, and their rich uncle, Dono. The story revolves around their cunning plan to fake Dono’s kidnapping in order to obtain a ransom. This leads to a series of chaotic and humorous situations that keep the audience entertained throughout the film.

The movie begins with Paman Dono arriving in Jakarta accompanied by his two beautiful nieces, Nela and Selvi. Indro and Kasino, eager to get their hands on a new car, approach Paman Dono with their request but are met with a refusal. Determined to find a way to get what they want, the duo devises a plan to pretend to kidnap Dono and demand a ransom.

Initially, Kasino is not thrilled about Paman Dono’s arrival but eventually warms up to the idea. However, Paman Dono’s stern attitude towards Kasino and Indro keeps them on their toes. The two friends then turn their attention to Nela and Selvi, launching a series of humorous attempts to win their hearts.

In their scheme, Kasino urges Dono to request a new car as part of the ransom. However, their plan hits a roadblock when Dono’s request is denied. Unexpectedly, a surprising twist occurs when a Kingkong suddenly enters Dono’s house, leaving him shocked.


Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Kingkong, Indro creates a false kidnapping story and demands a ransom. He collaborates with a notorious criminal known as Mata Satu to make their scheme appear authentic. However, Dono is taken aback by the terms of the ransom and attempts to cancel the plan.

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As a result of his disappointment in Dono, Mata Satu kidnaps him and takes him away. Paman Dewo, Dono’s brother, receives a phone call from Mata Satu, demanding a ransom to secure Dono’s release.

Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) is a comedy film produced by Soraya Intercine Films and directed by Arizal. The main cast includes Wahyu Sardono, Kasino Hadiwibowo, Indrojoyo Kusumonegoro, and Sally Marcellina, who deliver exceptional performances.

In conclusion, Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) offers a hilarious and entertaining experience for viewers. With its unique storyline of a fake kidnapping adventure and the comedic talents of the cast, this comedy film is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaotic and rib-tickling journey of Indro and Kasino in their quest for a ransom that turns their lives upside down.

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