Heart Film Synopsis & Review: A Touching Romantic Drama About Love and Friendship
Heart Film Synopsis & Review: A Touching Romantic Drama About Love and Friendship

Heart Film Synopsis & Review: A Touching Romantic Drama About Love and Friendship

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Heart (2006) is an Indonesian drama film that tells a story of love and friendship. It is a touching romantic drama that explores the complicated relationship between three friends. Heart is a film that remains unforgettable in the hearts of many viewers despite being released in 2006. It has become one of the best Indonesian romantic drama films of all time, thanks to its iconic characters and storytelling. In this article, we will review the film Heart and provide a synopsis of the story.


Heart is a romantic drama film that tells the story of two childhood friends, Rachel and Farrel. They grew up together and lived in the beautiful mountainous area of Puncak. Rachel is a tomboy who does not care about her appearance, while Farrel is a kind-hearted young man who is enthusiastic about basketball. They built a treehouse near their basketball court, but Farrel could not climb up to it yet. Rachel wrote something on the tree that Farrel could not understand.

As they grew older, Farrel met a beautiful woman named Luna in a bookstore. Farrel fell in love with Luna and asked for Rachel’s help to win Luna’s heart. Rachel, who had feelings for Farrel, agreed to help her friend despite being caught in her own inner turmoil. Rachel felt jealous when she saw Farrel and Luna together, but she kept her emotions to herself.

One day, while Farrel and Luna were hugging and enjoying their time together, Rachel witnessed the scene and ran away. She fell into a ravine and was critically injured, while Luna vomited blood because she had a heart problem. They were taken to the same hospital, where Rachel had to have her leg amputated. Rachel believed that her life was over, but she was willing to donate her heart to Luna so that she could continue to love Farrel through Luna’s heart. Farrel visited Rachel’s grave and realized his feelings for Rachel too late.

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Heart is a touching romantic drama that delves into the complicated relationships between three friends. The film explores the theme of love and friendship, showcasing the sacrifices that people make for the sake of the people they love. The film’s cinematography is exceptionally beautiful, capturing the natural landscapes of Puncak. This backdrop provides a serene appeal to the movie. The film’s soundtrack is also excellent, with the song “My Heart” being especially memorable.

Heart is a movie that audiences of all ages can enjoy. The film’s touching story and excellent cast performances will have you emotionally invested. The directors and the screenwriters have created an unforgettable movie that has stood the test of time.


Heart is a romantic drama film that showcases the complexities of love and friendship. It tells a story of two best friends who fell in love with the same woman, leading to an emotional conflict. The film explores the theme of sacrifice and the price that people pay for love and friendship. Heart’s cinematography, soundtrack, and excellent cast performances make it a must-watch movie for anyone who enjoys a good romantic drama. Despite released in 2006, the film has remained one of the best Indonesian drama films of all time and continues to be appreciated by Indonesian movie-goers.

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