Gone for Good Synopsis: A Mystery of Lost Love
Gone for Good Synopsis: A Mystery of Lost Love

Gone for Good Synopsis: A Mystery of Lost Love

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Gone for Good is a French production series adapted from the best-selling novel by Harlan Coben. It is a crime, drama, and mystery genre television series directed by Juan Carlos Medina. The series revolves around the mystery of a missing woman named Judith Conti, who happens to be the lover of Guillaume, the lead protagonist of the series. Read on for a detailed Gone for Good synopsis.


Released in 2021, Gone for Good has a total of 5 episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes each. The series follows a back-and-forth narrative. The show begins with the murder of Guillaume’s ex-girlfriend Sonia and the disappearance of his brother Fred. Years later, Guillaume works as a social worker and is in a relationship with Judith Conti. On the day of Guillaume’s mother’s death, he proposes to Judith, but she suddenly disappears, leaving him confused and devastated.

Guillaume starts his search for Judith along with his co-worker, Daco, which leads him back to his past. He meets Ines, Sonia’s sister, who is now an adult, and learns that Sonia had a friend named Judith Conti. He discovers that Ines is also struggling to overcome the shadow of her sister, who had always haunted her for years. Guillaume finds it hard to trace Judith’s whereabouts because they had agreed not to talk about their past while they were in a relationship.

Guillaume receives a message from the police that Judith Conti has been found dead. He also learns about Judith’s past, which records her as a prostitute and involved in a murder. He meets a woman who claims to be Judith’s mother and asks him about her daughter’s child named Alice, which leaves him bewildered. Meanwhile, Guillaume visits Judith’s grave and discovers that the dead body they have found is not his missing lover Judith.


With Daco’s help, who sacrifices himself to dig into his past as a former Nazi member, Guillaume begins his journey to uncover the truth about Judith and Alice. He learns that Alice was taken away by a man who looks like Fred, his missing brother, who is believed to be dead. Guillaume slowly discovers one fact after another, and they all appear to be interconnected.

Judith Conti, who was murdered, happens to be the wife of Fred, Guillaume’s brother. Nora is the name of his lover. She was saved by Fred from her former husband who wanted to kill her, and Fred gave her Judith’s identity to escape from the murder. Nora then intentionally applied for a job at Guillaume’s workplace and started dating him based on the stories Fred had told her about Guillaume, Alice, and Judith. Fred meets Guillaume to solve this problem, including hunting down Kessler and Ostertag, former friends involved in the shooting on the day Sonia died.

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Gone for Good is an interesting and gripping series that unravels a mystery surrounding love and family, along with a well-executed narrative. The plot of the show moves at a slow pace, building up to the point where everything falls apart in the end. The performance of the actors, including Finnegan Oldfield, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Guillaume Gouix, Garance Marillier, and Nailia Harzoune, is incredible, and the chemistry between the lead actors gives the viewers a chance to connect with their characters.

The show has superb storytelling with a well-crafted screenplay and an impressive cinematography that captures the essence of the story. It’s safe to say that the show takes its time to build an intriguing plot around the central theme of love and loss. The characters in the show have complex backgrounds, and the show explores the intricacies of the human mind and how events in the past have a lasting impact on us.


Gone for Good is a beautifully written series with an excellent storyline and great performances from the lead actors. The show leaves the viewers guessing until the end as the solution to the mystery unfolds slowly. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves suspense and mystery stories. With its captivating Gone for Good synopsis and an impressive narrative, it’s one show that will keep the audience engaged till the end.

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