God Knight Targets Admiral Fujitora: A Potential Alliance in One Piece
God Knight Targets Admiral Fujitora: A Potential Alliance in One Piece

God Knight Targets Admiral Fujitora: A Potential Alliance in One Piece

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God Knight, led by Saint Figarland Garling, makes its move in One Piece 1087. In this chapter, Dragon reveals that God Knight will be targeting Admiral Fujitora, raising questions about their potential alliance and the consequences it may have on the World Government.

Admiral Fujitora’s actions have put him in the crosshairs of God Knight. He has openly supported the cause of freeing the slaves and has spoken against the World Government. This has made him a prime target for the organization, which aims to dismantle the corrupt system.

The events leading up to God Knight’s decision to target Fujitora began with the death of Mjosgard, leaving God Knight in search of a new target. Fujitora’s involvement and outspoken views made him an ideal candidate. The leaked information suggests that God Knight will be hunting down one of the Admirals, with Fujitora being a prominent name on the list.

Admiral Fujitora has a reputation for going against the orders of the World Government and challenging its authority. He played a significant role in the Dressrosa incident, where he opposed Akainu’s orders and advocated for the disbandment of the Shichibukai. Fujitora’s decision to let the slaves escape further added fuel to the fire, attracting the wrath of the Tenryuubito and branding him a traitor.


Despite being enemies of the World Government, Fujitora has shown respect for Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. This mutual admiration and shared disdain for the oppressive regime could potentially pave the way for an alliance between Fujitora and Luffy.

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The alliance between Fujitora and Luffy could prove to be a game-changer in the world of One Piece. With their combined strength and determination, they could pose a formidable threat to the World Government’s control. Fujitora’s knowledge of the inner workings of the organization, coupled with Luffy’s unpredictability and his crew’s capabilities, could tip the scales in favor of the revolution.

As One Piece 1087 approaches, fans eagerly await the outcome of God Knight’s pursuit of Admiral Fujitora. If Fujitora manages to survive this encounter, he could potentially become a new ally for Luffy and his crew. Their shared goal of freedom and justice may prove to be a unifying force amidst the chaos and oppression of the World Government.

In conclusion, God Knight’s decision to target Admiral Fujitora signifies the organization’s intent to dismantle the corrupt system and bring about change. Fujitora’s involvement in opposing the World Government and supporting the cause of freeing the slaves has made him a prime target. The possibility of an alliance between Admiral Fujitora and Luffy raises hopes for a brighter future, where freedom and justice prevail in the world of One Piece.

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