Get to Know More About Prince Grus, the SWORD Member in One Piece 1080
Get to Know More About Prince Grus, the SWORD Member in One Piece 1080

Get to Know More About Prince Grus, the SWORD Member in One Piece 1080

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When it comes to the latest buzz in the One Piece universe, fans cannot get enough of Prince Grus. The SWORD member has made his debut in One Piece 1080, where he appeared on Hachinosu Island to rescue Coby from Kurohige’s clutches. With his thin hair and bright-colored shirt, Prince Grus has quickly caught the attention of One Piece fans worldwide. Here are four facts about Prince Grus in One Piece as reported by Patriotour

1. His Rank in the Navy

Apart from being a member of SWORD, Prince Grus holds the position of Young Admiral in the Navy. He is stationed at G-14, a Navy base branch located in the New World near Egghead.

2. Leader of the Mission to Rescue Coby

From what we’ve seen of him so far, Prince Grus is a rational thinker. He was requested to lead a mission to rescue Coby, but he initially declined, stating that it would be a foolish move to go with a small force. However, he still chose to join his team in Hachinosu to rescue his comrade.

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3. Devil Fruit User

As revealed in One Piece 1080, Prince Grus is a Devil Fruit user. He has eaten the Gunyo Gunyo no Mi fruit, allowing him to control clay and create golems of his choice. During his mission on Hachinosu Island, he turned his SWORD members’ bodies into clay.

4. Power and Agility

According to One Piece Wiki, Prince Grus’s abilities and strength rank above a pirate with a bounty of 90 million berries.

These are just a few of the fascinating details about Prince Grus in One Piece 1080. This SWORD member is surely an intriguing addition to the One Piece universe. Fans cannot wait to see more of him and his incredible skills in future episodes.

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