Garp's Heroic Action: Saving Koby from Blackbeard in Hachinosu
Garp's Heroic Action: Saving Koby from Blackbeard in Hachinosu

Garp’s Heroic Action: Saving Koby from Blackbeard in Hachinosu

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In One Piece 1087, Eiichiro Oda portrays Garp’s heroic action in Hachinosu, where he comes to the island to save Koby from Blackbeard’s pirates. Garp’s powerful attack in Hachinosu is fueled by his anger towards Kurohige, the individual who kidnapped his student.

Contrary to popular belief, Garp’s actions in Hachinosu serve as a warning to Kurohige and hint at the possibility of him being Luffy’s ultimate opponent. Despite his seemingly indifferent demeanor towards Luffy, Garp’s actions indicate a deep care and desire for his grandson’s growth and independence.

Garp’s primary intention in Hachinosu is not solely focused on saving Koby. He also aims to protect his loved ones and ensure their safety in the future. By unleashing his powerful attack on Kurohige, Garp sends a clear message about not interfering with those close to him.

Garp’s actions in Hachinosu demonstrate his immense power and fierce nature, emphasizing his determination to safeguard those dear to him. Eiichiro Oda, the manga author, portrays Garp as a formidable warrior who rarely engages in serious fights. His rampage in Hachinosu serves as a warning to Kurohige, suggesting that the latter should reconsider provoking Luffy.

While some may argue that Garp doesn’t show much affection towards Luffy, his actions imply otherwise. Garp’s ultimate goal is to witness Luffy become strong and self-reliant, without depending on him. His actions in Hachinosu are driven by a larger purpose – ensuring the safety and growth of his loved ones.

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The implications of Garp’s intervention in Hachinosu are significant for future events in the One Piece manga. His fierce attack and determination send a clear message about his capabilities and the lengths he is willing to go to protect his family.

In conclusion, Garp’s heroic action in Hachinosu not only showcases his power and determination but also reveals his love and concern for his family. His motivations extend beyond saving Koby, as he aims to protect Luffy and ensure his growth and independence. The events in Hachinosu serve as a warning to Kurohige and set the stage for future developments in the One Piece storyline.

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