Flu Movie Synopsis: A Thrilling Tale of Korea’s Deadliest Virus Outbreak
Flu Movie Synopsis: A Thrilling Tale of Korea’s Deadliest Virus Outbreak

Flu Movie Synopsis: A Thrilling Tale of Korea’s Deadliest Virus Outbreak

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Flu, a film by director Kim Sung-Su, takes viewers on a terrifying journey through Korea’s deadliest virus outbreak, before Train to Busan. At the heart of the film is a highly infectious virus, H5N1, or bird flu, that ravages Korea, bringing to a halt all mass activities in the country. The movie is brilliantly acted featuring the stunning Soo Ae and the handsome Jang Hyuk. Flu tells of how one small decision can have a massive effect on the lives of many as it traces the journey of a handful of characters through the epidemic.

The movie follows the story of Ju Byung Woo (Lee Sang Yeob) and his brother, Ju Byung Ki (Lee Hee Joon), who are illegal immigrant smugglers, bringing in Filipinos into Seoul, South Korea in a small, poor ventilated container. On arrival, to their horror, they find that all of their charges are deceased. One immigrant, Monssai (Lester Avan Andrada), is found to have survived and as Ju Byung Woo is taken ill, he is brought into the hospital. There he ultimately dies, prompting Ju Byung Ki to go into a murderous rampage that causes the virus to spread all around the hospital.

The deadly virus is traced back to the container where the immigrants were transported in. It is found that the virus is a highly virulent strain of the H5N1 virus that can kill a person within 36 hours of being infected. The movie follows the plight of Dr. Kim In Hae (Soo Ae) who is reprimanded for misplacing essential data on a flash drive. She meets with Oh Ji Goo (Jang Hyuk) as they both try to locate the lost flash drive in her car. It is during this drama that they stumble upon the recording of the container that housed the infected immigrants.

As more and more people in the city get infected with the flu, chaos and panic ensue as the government tries to develop a vaccine. The situation spirals out of control, leading to more infections and ultimately spreading to the entire country. The film takes a sharp turn as the situation becomes tougher, forcing the government to quarantine the people of Songpa-Gu (the infected area) and prevent anyone from going in or coming out. This causes a lot of confusion and panic as people are trapped with no food or supplies.

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One of the most gripping features of the movie is how the characters react to their situations. The howl of the government and the public’s responses to the virus become violent and animated as the outbreak turns into a pandemic. The situation worsens as the panic level increases, causing the destruction of hospitals and a breakdown of communication between government officials.

Flu is a gripping movie that leaves viewers at the edge of their seats as they watch one of the most deadly viruses in history spread across a nation. It’s a tale of resilience, courage, and the survival of the human spirit. The film acts as a warning for the world, urging people to stay vigilant and aware of the dangers of infectious diseases. Flu will keep you hooked, glued to your screen, and thinking about it long after it ends.


Flu is an exceptional film that depicts the horrors of a viral outbreak. It’s engaging, thrilling, and thought-provoking in its depiction of the potential consequences of a pandemic. The stunning performance by the cast and director Kim Sung-Su’s skillful direction make Flu an exceptional piece of cinema. The film reminds us of the importance of being vigilant against viruses and the need to develop vaccines for new and potentially deadly illnesses. Flu is an evergreen movie that can be enjoyed by all, and its messages will always be relevant.

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